How To Create Curtain Bangs, No Haircut Or Hot Tools Required (It's Possible)

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Ah, the '70s-inspired curtain bang: They're back, and they're wispier than ever. While nothing new, they've practically exploded in popularity in the last year alone—it seems everyone and their mother is gunning for a set of face-framing drapes. "They're very versatile and flattering to most face shapes," says celebrity hairstylist and Biolage brand ambassador Sunnie Brook. And since the longer pieces swoop into the rest of your hair, they have quite a forgiving transition phase—a major win if you've ever tried your hand at growing out your fringe.

But unless you've got the gumption to go full-on bang, perhaps you feel a bit timid to test the waters (remember "fringe fear"?). Well, do we have the solution for you: Here, hairstylists explain how to create the beloved curtain bang—without the chop. 

How to create curtain bangs with hot tools. 

Here's an easy tutorial NYC-based hairstylist Matt Newman explains over TikTok

  1. Start with a triangle section in the front of your hair, and blow-dry those front pieces forward. Newman uses a round brush, but be careful to brush forward, not upward, as the bangs take on a rounded shape up top. 
  2. Separate them into a middle part. Take a curling wand, hold it at a downward angle, and wrap those pieces of hair away from your face. "Make sure to get the root," says Newman. 
  3. Set with a bit of hairspray, then pinch the part at the root. "That pinch is important!" Newman adds. 

How to create curtain bangs without hot tools. 

Yes, you can air-dry your way to effortless curtain bangs. If you're trying to limit your use of hot tools, here's how to achieve a heatless "shorn" style: 

  1. Apply your stylers of choice—setting lotion, leave-in, et al.—to freshly washed or co-washed hair. 
  2. Take a triangle section from the front of your hair, and separate it into a middle part (similar to the process above). 
  3. Twist the pieces of hair (you may want to separate them into tinier twists) and secure behind your ears with hair clips or pins. Just one important reminder: "Be gentle to your hair when placing pins/clips/clamps, and never pull your hair too tightly," hairstylist Miko Branch, co-founder of natural hair care brand Miss Jessie's, has previously told us about heatless styles.
  4. Let it set until your hair completely air-dries. Then you can gently unhook the clips, finger brush your strands, and finish with a setting spray. Pinch at the root, once again, to create that peak up top.

The takeaway. 

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Curtain bangs are one of the most versatile, blendable types of bangs—that said, it's incredibly easy to fake the style. All you need is to finesse those front pieces to your liking: Either use a blow-dryer and curling wand to sweep those face-framers to the side, or air-dry them with hair clips and stylers. The choice is yours—and the curtain bangs are equally chic.

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