This Is How Hailey Bieber Gets Her Famed Feathery Brows (Surprisingly Simple!)

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A sparse-browed gal myself, I always catch myself marveling at people's full, fluffy eyebrows. Whether they're on a masked-up passerby sharing the sidewalk or in a photo on social media, I'll admire the handiwork with a mental round of applause.

One set of arches that frequently grabs my attention belongs to supermodel and bareMinerals partner Hailey Bieber. Bieber is somewhat of a brow regrowth inspiration: She told Elle back in August that she, too, fell victim to the overplucking craze that left her poor eyebrows pencil-thin. You'd, of course, never know it—Bieber now sports thick, feathery brows on the regular, a result of both keeping her eyebrows healthy and moisturized (apparently she’s got a thing for castor oil) and a top-notch styling routine. 

Specifically, she's found a way to use nothing but brow gel for eyebrows that look effortlessly full and filled-in. Safe to say I was scribbling down notes. 

Behold, Bieber's brow-gel hack. 

Don't scoff just yet. Sure, a brow gel is by no means groundbreaking, but Bieber explains it’s the perfect tool to polish those hairs without looking like you've got painted-on arches. "It's the one thing I do every single day," she gushes during a Zoom demo. "Even if I'm not wearing makeup, it's the one thing I wear." 

In comes the brow gel hack: Her makeup artist, Denika Bedrossian, coats Bieber's brows with bareMinerals' Strength & Length Serum-Infused Brow Gel in clear ("It's like a deep-conditioning mask for your brows," Bieber notes), before sweeping on the same confection in the shade "coffee." 

This is where people tend to, well, raise a brow: Doesn't it make more sense to apply the clear gel after the hue so as to set the hairs? But as Bedrossian explains, swiping on a clear gel pre-pigment thickens the strands and fluffs them into place. Then the brown shade can "warm it up a little bit," she says. 

It's like how someone might apply a primer or clear mascara before coating their lashes in inky pigment—it creates an even base for the hairs so they can appear even fuller. The same goes for your brows: A clear gel can separate and thicken the fine hairs, paving the way for the tinted spoolie to shimmy its way in between any gaps.  


The takeaway.

Bieber's feathery brow routine requires just a coat of brow gel. No pencils, no crayons or shadows—just a few layers of clear before going in with pigment. It's refreshingly simple, and it's oh-so-easy to replicate.

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