This Greens Powder Is A Major Energy-Enhancer, According To mbg Reviewers

mbg Senior Health Editor By Kristine Thomason
mbg Senior Health Editor
Kristine Thomason is the senior health editor at mindbodygreen.
Organic Veggies Powder in a Bowl

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Just like all of the stories we write, podcasts we share, and classes we launch, mbg created each signature supplement with our audience in mind, which is why it's totally a treat to see all your positive reviews and experiences with everything from our probiotics+ to organic veggies+.

organic veggies+

Finally, a greens blend powered by organic sea veggies to fight inflammation*

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
organic veggies+

For organic veggies+ in particular, it's great to learn how all of you incorporate the greens powder into your daily life (Smoothies! Green juice! Oatmeal!) along with the perks you notice as a result. The supplement offers a number of benefits: It can aid healthy digestion, support immune function, and help your body better absorb nutrients.* Plus, it includes a blend of organic dark green leafy vegetables along with sea vegetables, which are rich in magnesium, calcium, iron, and vitamin C.*

In addition to those perks, we were thrilled to learn people also notice organic veggies+ supports and maintains their energy levels.* In fact, multiple reviewers revealed the tasty greens powder helps them power up and conquer the day:*


"I have an extra step of energy.*"

"I could not be more excited about this veggies powder—seriously. I have been adding it to my morning smoothies over the last few weeks, and the positive effects have been almost immediate.* I've always struggled to get enough leafy greens in my diet, so adding a greens powder to my smoothie has been an awesome way to round out my breakfast. It tastes great, and it feels like I have an extra step of energy in the morning, whether I'm heading off to the gym or going straight to the office!* As a result, inflammation is down, and so is my caffeine intake, which has helped reduce stress/anxiety.*"


"I definitely felt an extra boost.*"

"I typically have a smoothie every morning with spinach, fruit, vanilla protein, and chia seeds—and this veggies powder fit in perfectly. The ginger and turmeric made it taste amazing, and I definitely felt an extra boost when I used it—it's a great way to start a day and an easy way to ensure you're getting enough vegetables in your daily life!*"



"It even replaced my second cup of coffee!*"

"I've tested out many brands, and most greens powders have overpowered the taste of my morning smoothie or have a rather pungent smell. This veggies powder didn't change the flavor of my favorite smoothie recipe, and I loved knowing how many sea veggies and antioxidants I was getting. One unexpected bonus was an energy boost in the mornings, there were some mornings that it even replaced my second cup of coffee!*"


"It energizes me for the whole day.*"

"I love this, especially when I am not able to fill up my meals with a lot of veggies. I use it in my smoothies, and sometimes I just add it to my juice. It energizes me for the whole day.*" 

—Marie R.


"Very impressed with the impact on my health and energy.*"

"Love these veggies! Was directed here from the Whole30-approved list, and I'm now a subscriber to this, the collagen protein, magnesium, and probiotics from mbg. Very impressed with all of them and their impact on my overall health and energy.* Smooth, mild taste and include a scoop in my collagen smoothie every morning!"

—Melanie C.


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