Strengthen & Restore Your Hair With This Easy End-Of-Summer DIY Treatment

mbg Beauty Contributor By Stefani Padilla
mbg Beauty Contributor
Stefani Padilla is a hairstylist living in Los Angeles, California. Alongside steadily transforming hair for clients in Los Angeles and New York, she is the creator of all-natural hair care line, La Tierra Sagrada (the sacred Earth). La Tierra Sagrada comes from the desire to share Padilla's learned wisdom of plant medicine in the form of hair medicine.
Strengthen & Restore Your Hair With This Easy End-Of-Summer DIY Treatment

As delightful as it is, summer can wreak havoc on our hair. Heat from the sun, salt from the ocean, and chlorine from pools all pull moisture from the hair, making it brittle and, if left untreated, can lead to damage. I see it all the time in my clients.

Thankfully, hair is almost always receptive to a little TLC. With these simple ingredients—ones you might already have in your kitchen—you can create a nourishing hair treatment that can help replenish moisture in those thirsty strands and scalp.

Overnight oil treatment

Nutrient-rich oils moisturize the scalp, as well as the ends of the hair. This is one of the best ways to rehydrate dry and frizzy locks naturally.

I suggest choosing an oil that is suitable for your hair needs:

  1. Moisturizing oils: coconut oil, avocado oil
  2. Nourishing oils: jojoba oil, olive oil
  3. Repairing oils: meadowfoam seed oil, black cumin seed oil


Using ¼ cup of oil, massage the oil into the scalp and pull it through the hair all the way to the ends. (If you're using one of the moisturizing oils, be wary—you will have to shampoo several times in order to get it out. To avoid this, use it on your midshaft to ends). Pin your hair up or wear a shower cap. I suggest keeping the oil treatment in for a minimum of 1 hour, but overnight is best for maximum hydration. Shampoo as many times as you need, concentrating on the scalp, then follow through with conditioner. The oils help to seal in moisture and keep the hair smooth and shiny.


Yogurt conditioning treatment

Another beneficial hair treatment you might have in the fridge is natural yogurt. It can be used as a deep conditioner after shampooing. One of the greatest benefits of yogurt is the protein this treatment provides. When sun damage makes the hair brittle, the protein and fat in yogurt coats the hair strands, replenishing the nutrients our hair needs in order to be strong and healthy.


Shampoo your hair once, lightly towel-dry, then using a cup of yogurt, massage it into your scalp, soothing any sunburn or flaky scalp, then pull it through the rest of your hair. Let this sit for 20 minutes, rinse, and condition if you feel you need the extra moisture. If your yogurt is fragrant, do another light shampoo, then condition.

Egg strengthening treatment

If your hair is especially brittle, using an egg is one of the oldest rituals in hair care. Eggs are full of protein and biotin, a B vitamin that has been backed by science to increase growth of healthier, thicker hair. It has been used successfully in research as a hair loss treatment. Eggs condition the scalp, promote healthy hair growth, and coat the hair with minerals like sulfur that add shine and luster back into the hair.


For a treatment, you need only a half-cup of whipped eggs. You can do this on towel-dried or dry hair. Leave the yolk out if you have finer hair and don't need the extra moisture. The whites of the eggs are really great for cleansing and purifying the scalp from buildup and excess oil. Pour mixture over the head and massage into the hair and scalp. Pin your hair up or use a shower cap. Leave this treatment on for 20 minutes, then shampoo out and condition accordingly.

If you cannot decide which treatment is best for you, you can use all three treatments together. Use 1 cup of yogurt, ¼ cup of oil of your choice, and 1 egg. Blend all together, until you get a creamy consistency, then pour over the head and massage into the scalp and hair. Leave in for 20 minutes and shampoo as many times as you need, finishing with your favorite conditioner.

This adaptogenic hair mask might be the most aspirational Self-Care Sunday story we've ever read.

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