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Handmade Home Decor To Fill Your Space With Good Vibes

Emily Katz
November 19, 2016
Emily Katz
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November 19, 2016

It's easy to get stressed in the weeks leading up to the holidays. Maybe you want to make sure you have the perfect gifts for your loved ones, or maybe you're looking to update your own space now that the weather warrants some more indoor time.

As an interior designer and DIY enthusiast, I'm a strong believer that crafting your own decor is the perfect way to welcome this season of gifting and inward reflection. Making things with your hands serves as therapeutic stress relief, and you walk away with something super special and unique. Here are a few inexpensive starter projects to that can infuse any space with good vibes:

1. Terrariums

Bring another little world into your decor with a terrarium. Plants literally breathe good vibes (in the form of oxygen) into your home. Moss and ferns do really well in these tiny displays, or you can choose your favorite succulents. Being such a plant person, I love variety in color and shape of my plants, and the glass really makes them feel special. You can get super creative by placing crystals, feathers, or other keepsakes into your globe, or opt to keep it simple.

2. Macrame wall-hanging

Macramé is here to stay. I fell in love with macramé on a trip to reconnect with my mom in 2012. She had made macramé in the 1970s, and sold her creations to raise money to buy a guitar. Together, we made simple modern plant hangers, and in the years since, I have built a business out of teaching macramé and making large-scale custom installations for clients around the world. No longer consisting of only owls and chunky plant hangers, macramé is having a modern renaissance by showcasing new materials like cotton, wool, and nearly anything you can imagine. It's a fun craft that uses your hands as the tools! Adding macramé and weavings to your walls will imbue your home with softness and comfort. Check out my kit to get started!

3. Personalized room sprays

Scent is part of what makes a space so special, and it's super easy to personalize the smell of your home with natural products. All you'll need is a glass spray bottle, a few of your favorite essential oils (I like buying from Ananda Apothecary), and some distilled water! Citrus is really great for battling sour moods, and I like red mandarin or bergamot for a smoky note on top of the bright fruit. Another favorite scent is clary sage mixed with a bit of frankincense. Or go for the relaxing effects of lavender. You can even drop a few little crystals into the bottle first (carefully!) and infuse the energy of the crystal into the water as well.

4. Playful plant pots

As a green enthusiast to the utmost degree, plants cover every surface of my home. And since they are all unique, I think that their pots should also get the same level of sweet care. So why not get a few simple terra-cotta pots, a bit of acrylic paint, brushes, and tape, and make your own unique planter? Get inspired by kilim rugs or modernist prints. Inspiration is everywhere.

5. Plant hangers

Hanging planters are super important to me as they are another awesome opportunity for macramé! Make one, or make a few. They are really lovely lined together in a row, in front of a window, or clustered together for a jungalicious vibe.

You can make so many beautiful things for your home in an afternoon of crafting. Time to get started!

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