CoverGirl's New Foundation Campaign Celebrates A Model With Vitiligo

Photo by Andres Espinosa

CoverGirl's latest ad for its TruBlend foundation features striking model Amy Deanna, the first CoverGirl with vitiligo—a skin condition that causes a loss of melanin resulting in visible light and dark patches.

In the ad, Deanna chooses a couple of different shades of foundation to match her two primary skin tones. The tagline, "Why try to blend in when you can choose how to stand out?" is inspiring in the context of a moment with Deanna, who is shown letting her dual tones shine through rather than blending them into a uniform shade.

This empowering ad is part of CoverGirl's larger initiative to diversify the types of models they're using. Last year, the brand dropped its "Easy, breezy, beautiful," tagline in favor of one that reflects the zeitgeist, "I am what I make up." Recent CoverGirl spokespeople have included James Charles, the first male CoverGirl, and Nura Afia, a Denver-based Muslim beauty blogger and the first CoverGirl to wear a hijab. With a big beauty brand like CoverGirl moving the needle in a skin-positive direction, we can't wait to see who's next.

Check out our guide to vitiligo to learn more about this rare skin condition.

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