The 7 Best Natural Hair Dyes Of 2020 — Drugstore, High-End & In-Between

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For those who lean into clean and natural beauty products, hair dye tends to be a bit tricky. Traditional, old-school options were not only very harsh on hair (the dyeing process is notoriously damaging) but contained less-than-ideal ingredients at high concentrations. 

However, hair dyes have come a long way in recent years, with less-damaging ingredients, smarter formulations (meaning, the questionable ingredients are formulated at much lower levels), and better color payoffs. "The hardest part of hair color is the balance between limiting the chemicals that have been found to be problematic and still making sure it's effective," says colorist Christine Thompson, co-founder of the hair salon Spoke&Weal about hair dyes

In fact, there are actually several at-home hair dyes that are made of natural, cleaner ingredients, as we've found here. However, it's not possible for hair dyes to be totally natural (unless you're using henna), so while these are more natural options—they're not 100%, which is fine by us as these are certainly better for you. 

Matrix Biolage Plant Based Hair Color

Made with an 83% plant-based color, these dye options are ideal for those who want to find nourishing botanicals in their formulas. The formulas are super simple, too: 10 ingredients or less in each shade. Plus, it comes in 20 diverse colors that range from a rich black to a vibrant strawberry blonde. 

Plant Based Hair Color, Matrix Biolage ($24)

biolage hair dye

Madison Reed At Home Color Kit

Get everything you need all in one box: The kit is designed by professionals, so you know that they include all that you need for a successful at-home job. Simply take their thoughtful quiz for your perfect-match formula that's free of ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, SLS, titanium dioxide.

At Home Color Kit, Madison Reed (Price varies) 

madison reed color kit at home

Revlon Total Color Permanent Hair Color

If you want cleaner formulations, you can also still find great options at the drugstore. Case in point: This option from beauty giant Revlon. Free of ammonia, mineral oils, and several other less-than-ideal ingredients, this also layers in nourishing teas and botanical extracts to strengthen the health of your hair. Final bonus? It smells great. 

Total Color Permanent Hair Color, Revlon ($7.99)

revlon total color care

Clairol Natural Instincts Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Another drugstore find that comes in a huge assortment of natural hues. It's also made with 80% natural ingredients (not bad!) like coconut oil and aloe vera. The result is soft, hydrated beautifully toned hair.

Natural Instincts Demi-Permanent Hair Color, Clairol ($6.92) 

clairol natural hair color

Overtone Coloring Conditioner

Now, if you are one to favor bold, look-at-me hues (think pastels or rainbow brights), you may think clean options are not for you. Well, Overtone near-magic-like formulas deposit pigments while conditioning. Think of this as a hard-core hair mask that leaves your strands oh-so-fun-colored post rinse.

Coloring Conditioner, Overtone ($29)

overtone color conditioner

Christophe Robin Temporary Color Gel

For a quick, non-permanent cover-up, there's no one we like more than this elegant Christophe Robin option. It covers grays at the root and will blend and blur harsh lines. We also love it for its oat extract to help soften hair, too. 

Temporary Color Gel, Christophe Robin ($35) 

christopher robin hair dye

dpHue Gloss

A gloss is a great option if you are looking for minor color tweaks, as it's not as intense as a fully permanent dye—but can help adjust your hair a few shades on each side. (You can also use it to color-correct undertones or help blur grow-out.) 

Gloss, dpHue ($35)

dphue gloss

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