Miranda Kerr's 5 Best Skin Care & Wellness Tips — So You Can Glow Like Her Too

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mbg Beauty and Lifestyle Senior Editor
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Miranda Kerr's Top 5 Skin Care Tips Are So Doable & Glow-Inducing (Duh)
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There are several reasons you might find yourself in awe of Miranda Kerr. Her credentials include, but are not limited to, model, mother of three, and beauty entrepreneur. Her brand, KORA Organics, of which she's the founder and CEO, is one of the most beloved in the natural space—known for its efficacy, fresh aesthetic, and the wildly impressive fact that the ingredients are COSMOS Certified Organic

You may also find yourself in awe of Kerr because of, well, how good her skin looks. As a beauty editor, I've grown accustomed to being impressed by beauty founders' glowing complexions: A not so incidental side effect of running a skin care company is that you amass a deep well of skin-health knowledge. But Kerr's? It's really something.

Here, I spoke with her about what she does to keep looking vibrant, feeling grounded, and moving forward—even in the most uncertain of times. 

On the skin care step she most looks forward to. 

When you work in the beauty industry, you often feel surrounded by tonics, products, and talk of routines. Not to mention, you're regularly trying out new ingredients, samples, and treatments (all part of the gig!). So this question always piques my curiosity: For those who are inundated by beauty shop talk, what do actually get excited about? Well, for Kerr, it's one of the classics—a centuries-old one, in fact—gua sha

"One of my favorite parts of my beauty routine is massaging my Noni Glow Face Oil into my skin morning and night, doing a gua sha massage with my Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor," she says. "It helps stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness while lifting, toning, and sculpting your face. I also like to use the pointy end of my gua sha on acupressure points on my chest, neck, and shoulders to alleviate any stress or pains."


 Why skin care is always first, makeup second. 

This past year has certainly shifted priorities for most of us, in likely all areas of life. So of course we all view our beauty habits a bit differently—Kerr included: "I've noticed I'm more focused on skin care this year than makeup," she says. "Having healthy, glowing skin is key for me and makes me feel more confident. Making sure I fit in my little morning and evening skin care rituals is key."

But her focus on skin care before makeup goes back to long before 2020 hit. In fact, the best lesson she says she ever received was from her mother: Even before you put on a swipe or stitch of makeup, you must make sure you've tended to what's beneath: "My mum taught me to make sure your skin is well exfoliated and hydrated before applying makeup," she says. "Makeup sits so much better when your skin is hydrated and plump." 

On multitasking her a.m. beauty routine. 

Don't you love hitting two tasks in one? For a mom and business owner, too, it seems of the utmost importance. So for Kerr, multitasking extends to her morning rituals: She doubles by masking in the shower.

"Every morning I use my Turmeric 2-in-1 Brightening and Exfoliating Mask in the shower," she notes. "The peppermint is so invigorating and really helps wake me up. It's the best exfoliation experience I've ever had, and you notice results right away—your skin is super smooth, bright, and fresh!"

She's on to something too: The mask contains papaya enzymes. Enzymes are actually heat-activated—and while your body temperature gives them enough warmth to start working, the steam from a shower can help give the product a boost

How she fits working out into everyday life. 

Kerr may have her classes and instructors she's devoted to ("My favorite workouts right now are Melissa Wood Health, Ballet Beautiful with Mary Helen Bowers and The Sculpt Society with Megan Roup," she says), sometimes the best way to fit in exercise is with her family. "I try to move my body every day, even if it's just for 20 minutes running around and playing with the kids," she says. "We also love to go on family walks."


On why nature is grounding. 

Another thing that's come into focus this year for all of us: how to de-stress, center, and find moments of calm. "Whenever I am feeling stressed I like to go outside and put my feet in the grass and re-center myself," Kerr says.

But stress reduction tends to be best when it's proactive, so Kerr also makes sure it's not just a reactive measure: Enter, meditation. "Meditation is also very helpful for me; I do TM [Transcendental Meditation] or sometimes guided meditations. There are a ton on YouTube and I also use the Insight Timer app. I try to meditate every morning for at least 15 minutes before the kids wake up," she says. "I find this really helps clear my mind and set the tone for the day. I've also been writing in a gratitude journal lately, and it really works! Focusing on what you are grateful for and the positives in your life are key."

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