Try This: A Romantic Valentine's Day Beauty Look That's Dreamy & Versatile

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(Last Used: 2/12/21) Try This: A Romantic Valentine's Day Beauty Look That's Dreamy & Versatile
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Let's be clear: In no way do you have to paint on a full face to get the most out of Valentine's Day. The holiday is about celebrating all kinds of love—including self-love—and if you do partake, you should do so in whatever way feels most enjoyable for you. Alexandra Compton, makeup artist and product development manager at clean beauty retailer Credo, concurs: "I think you should wear whatever look makes you feel the most confident and beautiful," she says. 

That said, many do have a penchant for holiday-specific looks, typically expressed by red and pink shades on the day of love—there's just something romantic about a sweep of rose-colored shadow, they'd say.

If you're looking for elevated inspiration, try this dreamy, doe-eyed look that flatters all. It's incredibly versatile—if the color pink gives you the ick, you can swap in any moody hue—and it's mask-friendly (after all, a red lip, while a V-Day classic, is pretty pointless under a face covering).  

An easy, romantic makeup tutorial for Valentine's Day.

Dewy, slightly flushed skin is the look you're going for, here, as well as glossy lids, fluffy lashes, and just-bitten lips. "Think post-romantic-date-induced healthy glow," says Compton, like you were out dancing all night (not likely, but we wish), awash in soft candlelight, or feeling the first flutters of falling in love:  

  1. Set your base strategically: After creating your glowy, glasslike base, Compton suggests strategically applying foundation or concealer only in the areas that need coverage (i.e., discoloration and blemishes). "Use a translucent setting powder sparingly over the areas you apply foundation or concealer and between the brows, center of the chin, and sides of the nose," she says, which can prevent transferring product onto your mask. 
  2. Use a soft, cream blush: Blush is essential for creating that flushed look, and creamy formulas, like this dusty rose number, mold to your skin's texture and look oh-so-natural. Either blend it out softly with your fingertips or use this makeup artist's hack to achieve a natural-looking glow. When you're done, "Spray a hydrating face mist over your face before you start on eyes," says Compton. "This will help to 'set' the makeup."  
  3. Gloss the lid: A silky, iridescent shadow is something to swoon over. You can either snag a proper lid tint (this one also has some shimmer) or use straight-up lip gloss on your lids—just make sure the formula is clean, without mineral oil or petroleum, before swiping it near your delicate orbs. In terms of color, a shimmery pink or champagne certainly aligns with the theme, but you can choose any hue you please ("Berries, mauves, and nudes would also work beautifully," says Compton).
  4. Flutter the lashes: Gently squeeze your lashes with a curler for maximum lift, then use a creamy mascara to coat on Bambi-like layers (this volumizing option is super buildable). Sweep on two standard coats from base to tip, then let the lashes dry for a beat before applying one more layer. Don't let them dry for too long, as the hairs should be malleable enough to keep fanning out as the formula builds—that's what makes them extra fluffy
  5. Apply a lip stain: This look focuses mostly on the cheeks and eyes (masks, and all), but a trusty lip stain is a mask-friendly solution for achieving that just-bitten, kissable pout. Compton suggests applying a clear lip balm first, then dabbing in a lip tint where you want the color most concentrated: "You can control the amount of pigment being dispensed for a more subtle look," she notes. Whereas "If you put the lip tint on dry lips, the maximum amount of pigment will be applied." She suggests dotting at the center of your lips and blending it out to the corners for a diffused-lip look

The takeaway. 

This Valentine's Day–inspired makeup look is extremely simple and versatile—feel free to refer to it any time you're looking for a dewy, flushed face, even when the heart-shaped candies are whittled down to crumbs. But for the day of love? It's especially romantic, fresh, and flattering, fit for any holiday plans on the docket.

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