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7 Steps to Natural Health and Healing

Diana Brook
Diana Brook
Written by

I believe more and more people are looking for a natural approach to health and healing.

Looking and feeling great on the outside starts with taking responsibility to promote health on the inside, to create synergy between our physical and energetic body.

Health is such an important aspect of our lives. Our thoughts, energy system, emotional expression, work and family life all influence our wellbeing. Our increasing awareness towards promoting the mind, body, and soul gives us a fresh perspective towards an effective long term approach to health and healing.

Let’s get back to basics:

1. Personal MOT 

Ask yourself…when was the last take you took time out to identify the state of your health? 

Make yourself a priority and look in for your own personal Measure Of Treatment, a way to determine what therapy would be best suited for you. We all lead busy lives. In order to keep everything running smoothly, as you would with keeping the mechanics of your car functioning properly, it is important to adopt a regular routine for your personal health and lifestyle consultation. Identifying where you are is key to establish your state of health, which may help to prevent any injury or condition progressing further.

2. Be kind to yourself 

Ask yourself…why am I listening to the endless chatter of negative thoughts?

Show gratitude to yourself. Remember to be conscious of how positive thoughts benefit your health and mood. Each thought has a vibration, even at the deepest biological level. To highlight this point, Dawson Church comments in his book The Genie in your Genes, “every thought you think is echoing through your connective tissue communication system, producing either stress responses or healing responses.”

We underestimate the power of thought, so next time you want to give yourself a hard time, think again. Make peace with yourself; it’s so much better for your health!

3. Eat the rainbow 

Ask yourself…am I maximizing my daily nutrition to nurture my body from the inside out?

Sugar, alcohol, processed foods are certainly not nutritious for the body! Here is a brief overview of why nutrition plays an important part in our health to provide quality vitamins and minerals. Foods that are as close to their natural state as possible not only nourish the body, but also keep our vibrational energy high.

Ensure your meals include a good quality source of protein, the building blocks of our bodies at cellular level. Include brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, high in antioxidants e.g. berries, spinach, peppers to protect your cells from harmful effects of free radicals. Also, include foods that contain high levels of essential fatty acids (EFAs) e.g. oily fish, avocados, nuts and seeds to allow your blood sugar levels remain steady.

The relationship between hormones and body fat is key. If you take one thing away with you from this post, remember quality nutrition regulates our hormones which influences the rate our bodies burn fat! As the saying goes, it’s all about “quality not quantity.”

4. Be Active 

Ask yourself…how have the 2012 Olympic athletes inspired me to get active?

With it being Olympic year, our athletes have certainly captured the nation through sport! Maybe it’s time to swap your tired old programme at the gym and look for enthusiasm in a new direction? Exercise is very individual, so explore what works for you. If you have that competitive edge, there’s always Rio in 2016!

If you don’t aspire to be the next Olympic champion, as a minimum, exercise releases feel-good endorphins, the chemical in the brain that gives a natural high. Physical benefits include improved cardiovascular system, increased muscle strength, and increased flexibility and stamina. For me, I achieve the perfect balance of mind, body, and soul through yoga. Also, hill walking and weight training sessions are integral to my lifestyle.

5. Connecting with your true self

Ask yourself…am I aware of my breath? Am I feeling centered?

We often become unconscious of our breathing and thought patterns. By consciously regulating your breath (known as pranayama in yoga) and meditating, we can strengthen our respiratory system and quiet our internal dialogue to become mindful and centred.

We tend to over-breathe. Becoming aware of the rhythm of your breath is the first step to improving how to breathe less. I want to encourage individuals to restore their natural nose-breathing pattern, which helps the body absorb more oxygenated blood than mouth breathing.

A slow, smooth, gentle breath is well suited for meditation. By synchronizing the breath and becoming mindful of the present moment, you connect with your true nature. In this presence of awareness, the nature of your mind truly reveals itself. Simply become aware; that’s the first step towards meditating. When you need to clear out inner noise, keep the mind in the moment, this way everything flows effortlessly when your mindset is relaxed and alert.

6. Allow your body to repair

Ask yourself…how many hours of sleep do I get every night?

Sleep is essential for the body to repair. I am a big advocate of 8 hours of sleep per night. Hormones regulate during sleep, which reduces blood pressure and the stress hormone (cortisol). Not forgetting the added beauty benefits of reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

If you suffer from a sleep disorder, there are solutions on offer that may benefit you, from coaching effective sleep rituals to Light Therapy. Professor Till Roenneberg, who works at the Institute of Medical Psychology, Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich has dedicated his work to discovering how the sleep-wake cycle works. He found that exposure to light is a significant factor that can benefit sleep. Light-related information that the brain receives within the hypothalamus determines the production and release of melatonin (sleep hormone).

7. Escape from stress

Ask yourself…when was the last time I truly relaxed?

My holistic approach involves escaping from stress. I recommend you do this by having your favourite relaxation treatment on a regular basis. The most effective way take some ‘me’ time is during my monthly Chakra Balancing Massage. This holistic therapy allows my body’s natural healing process to take place using a combination of chakra energy work in synergy with chakra-based essential oils.

You can always benefit from a home survival relaxation kit, a selection of your favourite essential oils or use epsom salts to soak in a relaxing bath. I find this just as effective in escaping from stress, and I get the added benefit of listening to my favourite music.

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Diana Brook

Diana Brook is a speaker, author and Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher. Diana's first book The Mind, Body and Soul Workout Guide empowers others to live authentically by integrating her complete guide to wellness. Connecting with the chakra energy system, colour and light is integral to her innovative holistic approach. Diana provides 1:1 coaching, The Mind, Body and Soul Workout Guide courses, talks and workshops.