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7 Ways To Combat Cravings Mindfully

Lesh Karan
Written by Lesh Karan

Cravings are clues for what your body, mind and soul are seeking. Maybe you need excitement, affection, regular and genuine connection with others and spiritual fulfillment, but those can be difficult to find if you live a fast-paced life. But food shouldn't be a stressor; it should be love, joy, a basic need, nourishment and conviviality.

To conquer unhealthy food cravings, you just need to tune into your feelings and life situations and ask yourself if food is really the answer. With that in mind, here are seven practical tips that can help you gently curb your food cravings and discover what you may need instead.

Sip on some herbal tea.

Make it a mindfulness ritual. Go treat yourself to some delicious, high-quality teas and some beautiful tea accessories like a gorgeous teapot and cup. When the craving strikes, just make yourself an aromatic cup of goodness and have a little tea ceremony. Sipping on flavorful herbal tea can also trick your mind into thinking you're eating.


Eat complete meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Include all three macronutrients (healthy protein, fats and carbohydrates) in your meals, and eat enough to feel satiated. It helps curb cravings because complete meals keep you full for longer. 

Eat mindfully without any distractions!

If you don’t give your food the full attention it deserves, how will your mind acknowledge that you’ve eaten? Without this realization, you’re left feeling unsatisfied and can crave certain (junk) foods afterwards. 

Call a good friend for a soul-satisfying chat!

Usually it’s not food we’re yearning for, but love. Many people live by themselves these days, and boredom and loneliness can set in. So make sure you take the initiative to get in touch with friends and family on a regular basis.


Go for a short, gentle stroll for some fresh air and to clear your mind.

This can help if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or low. Walking is calming, and movement with some fresh air can help lift your mood, so much more than reaching out for food. 

Pet or cuddle an animal.

If you have a pet, take advantage of the health benefits you get from having one! When a craving comes bolting your way, give your pet loads of cuddles, talk to them (even though they can’t talk back to you!), and play with them for a few minutes. The joy you receive may just dissipate those cravings.


Treat yourself to a soul-nourishing experience.

To take your mind away from the craving, try reading an enjoyable book or magazine, taking a bath, giving yourself a mini beauty ritual like a pedicure or facial — or if it’s a late-night craving, simply go to bed. Getting enough sleep is a soul-replenishing experience that we all need each day to have the right mindset for handling cravings.

Which tips will you try? Please leave a comment to share what worked for you.

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