The Leader Of LA's Yoga Scene Says Kundalini Can Change The Shape Of Your Face

Kundalini Yoga Teacher By Guru Jagat
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Guru Jagat is the founder of RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology.
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Beauty, vitality and anti-aging are not external processes. True beauty and anti-aging is rooted in knowing how to access and activate your own human system to work efficiently, without stress and strain, and with intelligence. This experience is at the foundation of the yogic science I’ve devoted my life to called Kundalini yoga and meditation.

Kundalini is science of the body (actually 10 bodies), mind and total life experience. It’s like an owner’s manual for human living, something many of us never received. Kundalini Yoga is also in my opinion, the top health and beauty technology—beauty from the inside out— available today and likely for the next 5,000 years. Why?

Well, they often call me Jagat Button…as in Benjamin Button because my real life experience of de-aging is starting to get uncanny as my chronology continues to tick off the years. The yogic definition of “youth” is a reserve energy and vitality force that can be intelligently utilized, revitalized, regenerated, and needs to be done so on the daily for lasting results.

Therefore, the modern hard living years between college and when we “settle down” in our 30’s (or 40’s or 50’s) are integral to the efficacy of your youth reserves, health, and longevity as you age past the age of 36. And if you didn’t catch yourself early, don’t worry with these tips you can rebuild and heal your body functioning for increased vitality and youthful beauty. Take one of the below practices and try it for a period of time. 40-90 days preferably. The proof will be in your increased radiance and natural glow.

1.Cat-cow: can you twerk it?

Inhale, lift the chest and the butt, drop the belly. Exhale, drop the head, curl the navel in. Now go fast! It’s funny, only in Kundalini Yoga do you find the fast version of cat-cow. But the visible anti-aging benefits of cat-cow are in the speed! You really do have to “twerk it.” The fast cat-cow exercise creates and then pumps a great flux of cerebrospinal fluid through your system. Cerebrospinal fluid is good for many things. But it’s especially exquisite for producing more collagen!

Skin benefits: Collagen production is a cellular process that uses RNA and amino acids to build a triple helix of sticky fibers. This is what plumps the skin and keeps it tight to the face. In the last stages of collagen production is a process called glycolozation. This is what allows the fibers to triply wind together. And glycolozation which requires certain elements that, you guessed it, are in your cerebrospinal fluid! This is the serum beauty scientists are feverishly looking for! But you don’t have to wait for a lab to come out with a sub-par proxy. A daily practice of 3 minutes of rapid cat-cow with powerful breathing through your nose will yield plumper, firmer skin. That’s yogic science.


2. Breath of fire skin glow.

Try Breath of Fire in any seated position close eyes and focus up and in between the eyebrows. Equal inhale and exhale through the nose. Start slow and rhythmic and when you feel steady you can speed up to a powerful and equal in and out breath rhythm. 3-7 minutes every day for optimal results.

Skin benefits: Yogi Bhajan, the late master of Kundalini Yoga, said that subconsciously we don’t trust people who don’t glow. We doubt their intelligence. Likely because health is so fundamental to happiness, we can’t believe that a person who doesn’t take care of that aspect of their lives could possibly have any brains. Yogi Bhajan said you could never truly achieve the glow from the outside. You needed to “stimulate the body from the inside.” “It’s that blood,” he said, “the shine of your blood which,” gives you magnetic attraction and “attracts everything.” So the answer to that holy-grail skin glow is actually simple. It’s the blood. Clean blood makes you shine. And that shine not only projects outward, it also suffuses inward, making you feel great! When you feel great, you act great. And there’s really nothing more magnetic than someone who feels carefree and confident.

3. The vaginal facelift.

Practice the Kundalini root lock (mulabhand) (which is kind of like a full pelvic kegel) you’ll see powerful results. Try this amazing Kundalini exercise called Stretch Pose. On your back (even in bed before you get up) bring the legs 6 inches off the ground and the fingers reaching towards toes. Arms are up by the sides of the body. Look at the toes. Then begin a heavy breath of fire. Equal inhale and exhale through the nose. Continue for 1-3 minutes. End by inhaling pulling mula bandha and hold, then exhale and pull mule banda and hold the breath out. Then relax.

Skin benefits: The tone and vitality of your vaginal wall muscles are directly proportionate to the tone of your facial muscles. Newsflash: you have to keep these muscles in good shape, just like all of your muscles in order to keep a youthful glow on your visage. Just think of how radiant women look when they are deeply sexually satisfied or having more sexual intimacy than before.

4. Mantric microcurrents.

You can use any Kundalini mantra to try this beauty science out. One of the easiest Yogi Bhajan gave for this exact purpose is the English mantra: I am the light of the soul // I am bountiful // I am beatiful // I am Bliss // I am, I am. Repeat for 1-5 minutes.

Skin benefits: Mantras are the future of microcurrent facials. In a microcurrent facial, a fine electrical pulse is strategically applied to your skin. That sub-sensory pattern send a subtle shock to your cells, triggering DNA reproduction. This means your cells are recreating themselves at a faster rate, thus anti-aging you. Pretty high tech. Mantras are the exact same science. When your tongue, teeth and upper palette move in the certain way needed to form the mantra, your mouth creates shapes. These shapes create a geometric structure on the air; a kind of sound “sacred geometry,” for lack of a better term. That geometric structure organizes free ranging molecules into a particular pattern. And that molecular pattern is what what we call a frequency i.e it's electrical! So, mantras, Kundalini mantras, are electric. And after chanting mantra, even just for 5 minutes, you can feel it! The muscles, tissue and skin on your face start buzzing! And the dermal and sub-dermal tissues of your face start to tonify and strengthen. Your skin becomes bright, strong, supple and continues to project that “sacred geometry,” creating even more radiance. It’s truly wondrous.


5. The aura facial.

Sitalee Pranayam to exalt the self posture builds the radiance of your projection and energy field or aura: This posture may be done anywhere. However, if practicing a formal meditation, sit in a crossed legged position. Rest each hand on the knees with index finger and thumb tip touching. Roll your tongue and stick it out of your mouth, just slightly beyond your lips. Hold it there. Now, inhale through the rolled tongue. Exhale deeply and completely through the nose. Continue. Try it for three minutes, then eleven. The maximum time for this meditation is 23 minutes. Inhale deep and hold the breath for five to ten seconds. Exhale and repeat twice more. Then relax. As with any beauty product or supplement, for best results, practice daily!

Skin benefits: I get asked a lot who my facialist is. I do have an excellent and talented esthetician. But it’s not the facials, it’s the aura. In my book Invincible Living, I write a whole section on the science of projective beauty. It’s the art of projecting through your aura or energy field the how you want to show up in the world. We all have moments where we don’t feel good about the way we think we look or something specific that is happening like a pimple or the way our clothes are fitting. And on those days, the best cover-up is an aura. That’s why, this, above all, is one of my favorite Kundalini beauty science secrets. We don’t all look like Halle Berry. Not even Halle Berry really looks like Halle Berry. But we can project whatever we want and feel good doing it! It’s the most compassionate piece of beauty tech I know. And it’s all about fake it until you make it.

Guru Jagat
Guru Jagat
Guru Jagat is one of the youngest senior Kundalini Yoga teachers in the world and the face of the...
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Guru Jagat
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Guru Jagat is one of the youngest senior Kundalini Yoga teachers in...
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