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How You're Subconsciously Sabotaging Your Weight-Loss Goals

Sherianna Boyle, MED, CAGS
mbg Contributor By Sherianna Boyle, MED, CAGS
mbg Contributor
Sherianna Boyle, MED, CAGS, is a Yarmouth, Massachusetts-based author of eight wellness books including, Emotional Detox for Anxiety. She has a master's of education and a certificate of advanced study, both in psychology, from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.
How You're Subconsciously Sabotaging Your Weight-Loss Goals

Manifest the year of your dreams by going inward. Renew You 2017 is a month of mindfulness during which we’ll share content that guides you to create a deeply rooted intention for the new year. We’ll help you navigate inevitable obstacles with the latest science on habits, motivation, ritual, and more and equip you with tried-and-true techniques to outsmart even the toughest inner critic.

The intention to build a healthier lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating is a good way to start. But that doesn't usually get us to where we want to be. So, what are we missing? Well, think about this: Even if your conscious mind is set on creating a new way of living, your subconscious may be running old programs. One effective way to start reprogramming those subconscious stories is with mantras.

What is a mantra, really?

Mantras are sounds, syllables, or words that are repeated. Mantras can be found in religious terminology as well as in everyday language, ranging from words like "amen" to phrases such as "let it go." And, whether we realize it or not, each sound corresponds to a specific vibrational frequency.

Think of energetic frequencies as subconscious recordings in your body. They contain stories, beliefs, and thoughts that, if negative, may hold you back from revealing the life or body you desire. An example of a belief like this would be, "change is scary." That belief could be triggering an unconscious pattern of fat storage, since you subconsciously believe fat keeps you safe in the familiar.


How do they amp up your fitness potential?

Think of mantras as the soil for the garden. They prepare you to get what you want by elevating your energy to match your intentions. Their rich, solid, and powerful energy has the capacity to uproot the old (beliefs, fears) while tending to the new (thoughts, actions). Without mantras you may find your new habits stick around temporarily. But without awareness, the cracks (subconscious barriers) you may be ignoring eventually begin to seep in and sabotage your efforts.

Mantras can help you release these hidden barriers and create a high-vibrational internal environment in which your desires can be nourished. Mantras align you with the energy of your intentions rather than the fear of what might or might not happen. Shift your focus from "losing weight" to creating a thriving, sexy body.

Once you've shifted your focus, affirm your intention daily with a mantra. Choose or adapt one of the mantras below, then repeat it 108 times a day for 40 days. Choose whichever speaks to you most clearly. Recite the mantra in the same location (somewhere you feel comfortable) every day. Do not try to control a mantra. It is a source of energy you're tapping into. Observe and enjoy the energy beginning to flourish in your body. Let go of all judgments and expectations. This is you making peace and showing love to your body.

  • I allow myself to release all limitations now and embrace my abilities.
  • I trust myself fully.
  • I am worthy, safe, and free.
  • I am growing lighter every day.
  • Honoring myself daily comes easily and naturally for me now.
  • I am worthy of feeling sexy, alive, and free.
  • I find comfort in moving energy now.
  • Making healthy choices comes easily now that I am one with my spirituality.

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