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The Brain-Boosting Essential Oils That Deserve A Spot On Your Desk

Cary Caster, LMT
Aromatherapist By Cary Caster, LMT
The Brain-Boosting Essential Oils That Deserve A Spot On Your Desk

Many people work long hours and book loads of personal activities, which leaves them drained and constantly preoccupied. Yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises help us manage our responsibilities with more calm and ease, but essential oils can really bring us one step further. Certain oils help lift our emotional states when we are overwhelmed and downtrodden with responsibilities.

The best part about turning to essential oils instead of caffeine, sugary energy drinks, or prescription medications is that there are no adverse side effects. Plus, they smell great!

Here are a few mood-boosting, productivity-packed oil options to keep on hand at your desk. You can mix them in a blend with a base lotion or cream, add a few drops to a diffuser, or use them to saturate a cotton ball and inhale as needed.

Energy Boosters

These powerful scents can help you stay on target and remain focused throughout long days.


1. Black pepper (Piper nigrum)

Black pepper is a warming and stimulating oil that gets the blood pumping. By stimulating circulation, it aids in boosting fresh blood flow to the brain and muscles for an energizing effect.

2. Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Rosemary essential oil has been used extensively to awaken the mind and promote concentration. Research shows that inhaling rosemary can enhance aspects of memory and aid in focused attention.

3. Peppermint (mentha x piperita)

The smell of peppermint immediately stimulates and refreshes the senses. Its cool, energizing effects can help beat any afternoon slump and get your mind fired up.

Stress Reducers

These are great for relieving stress and anxiousness, so you can move on with your day, no matter how hectic your schedule.

4. Ylang-Ylang (Cananga odorata)

The sweet floral scent of ylang-yang has been shown to slow a racing heart and calm the nerves. This exotic aroma soothes the mind, relieves tension in the body, and works as an antispasmodic under stressful conditions.

5. Chamomile (Matricaria)

Chamomile essential oils (both Roman and German) contain a high percentage of esters that have a profoundly calming effect on the nerves. They are also extremely effective at dealing with tension and promoting restful sleep.


Confidence Builders

Because who couldn't use a confidence boost at work?

6. Cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana)

Cedarwood essential oil's woody, sweet aroma instills strength and stability. The oil comes from the sturdy wood of cedar trees and thus helps impart a similar sense of grounding and steadfastness.


7. Laurel (Laurus nobilis)

Laurel has a spicy, dynamic scent that encourages confidence and stimulates action.

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