The Next Step In Self-Care Is Cultivating A Cozy Home

Former mbg Deputy Editor By Elizabeth Inglese
Former mbg Deputy Editor
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The Next Step In Self-Care Is Cultivating A Cozy Home

You eat well, you work out, you listen to your intuition, you connect to the environment and the people in it. There's so much you can do to partake in self-care. It's a practice to cultivate. It strengthens you when you're at your best and buoys you when your seas get choppy. An element of self-care that sometimes falls from the conversation is crafting a cozy, comforting living space. It's not a superficial concern. Your home is where you spend the largest chunk of your time, and if there's stressful clutter or unclean conditions, your sanctuary may not be functioning as the cure-all it can be. While the Kondo brand of extreme minimalism has commanded current interior philosophy, you don't need to strip your home bare. After all, Marie would remind you to hold tight to items that spark your joy. The next time you look around your home, consider how a few simple touches can make your den a safe space.

Spark a Flame

Candles, scattered around your home, will illuminate corners, cast artful shadows, waft scents, and otherwise warm your home. You can hardly have too many (so long as your smoke detector's batteries are strong). Let the gentle flame of a taper hypnotize you. To cultivate a deep sense of calm, choose candles with scents that take you back to a comforting time: the orange blossoms that bloomed outside your childhood bedroom window or the jasmine from cherished family retreats. If you have a fireplace, let it roar.


Soften Touchpoints

If your home has hard floors, wearing a pair of cashmere or thick-knit socks will make every step supple. Cover wood or tile surfaces with throw rugs to create a tumbly soft indoor landscape. Opt for organic fibers and fabrics in a range of textures to give your home a tactile richness.

Get Glowing

Flood your home with warm light. Swap out high-wattage bulbs for softer, energy-efficient versions. Top lamps with brightly colored shades to diffuse warm-hued tones. Looking for a craft project? Stain white shades with tea: Just soak a black-tea bag in warm water, then paint the tea onto your shade and let dry. The dyed shades will take the temperature of your room up a few notches. Or turn on a Himalayan salt lamp, which can add an earthly, grounding presence to your home and give off a subtle pink radiance.

Spice It Up

Unlock the full potential of your kitchen cabinet. You already add spices to your meals and hot drinks; see what they can do for the other rooms in your house. Fill up a silk pouch with lavender and tuck it under your pillow; add star anise to your bath; sprinkle cloves into your potpourri; bloom orange rinds and cardamom in hot water on the stove to release the aroma throughout your home.


Wrap It Up

Anywhere you or your guests will linger—a couch, a reading chair, a kitchen nook, a dining room table—keep blankets at arms' reach. Draped over your shoulders or resting on your lap, a blanket can make you feel warm and protected.

Frame Friendly Faces

Keep images of friends and family in every room. Just one or two framed photos resting on tabletops and hanging on walls allow loved ones near and far, present and past, to share your space.


Eat Cozy

Comfort yourself from within with rich, warm dishes. Opt for meals that are satisfying but also nourishing. They'll give you a glowing feeling all day long.

Add Magic

Invite your loved ones into your space often. That's the surest way to make your home a healing sanctuary.

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