Great News, '90s Babies! Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Books Are Coming

Bust out your glittery gel pens, everyone. Lisa Frank, the queen of rainbow colored stickers, notebooks, trapper keepers, and everything you loved about being a kid in the '90s, is releasing an adult coloring book.

The company announced on Instagram and Facebook that the book will be available "next month" (meaning July!) at Dollar General. More information will be announced on the company's Facebook page as the release date approaches.

Lisa Frank shared just one teaser image from the forthcoming coloring book, and it's exactly what you'd expect: a mesmerizing, vibrantly colored collage, featuring a regal unicorn, a coy bunny in a tutu, a shy puppy, and a jubilant bear. They're all standing outside a castle, atop a rainbow—because where else would they be? We'll let you fill in the backstory with your imagination.

And no, of course it's not childish—it's therapeutic. That's why coloring has become such a craze.

Think about it: all you have to do is focus on staying in the lines. Your worries are trapped within the confines of a whimsical garden or forest or castle. Studies show that coloring helps clear your mind and center your thoughts to help you de-stress after a long, hard day of adult responsibilities. Taking time to sit down and focus your attention on one calming activity can have a restorative effect on your mood, energy levels, and sleep. Research also shows that you have your best ideas when your right brain is stimulated, and coloring does a great job of getting those creative juices flowing.

So, if you're stressed out and having trouble meditating, maybe try channeling your inner '90s kid by putting your hair up in a scrunchie, trading a couple Pokémon cards, and getting lost in the pages of your Lisa Frank coloring book.

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