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A Coffee & Coconut DIY Body Scrub For Soft Skin (Even In Winter)

Jennifer Freitas
Written by Jennifer Freitas
A Coffee & Coconut DIY Body Scrub For Soft Skin (Even In Winter)

For many of us, the new year means cold temperatures, a great excuse to spend more time indoors on self-care and maintaining happy, healthy skin.

One of my favorite ways to pamper my skin during the winter is by exfoliating for a variety of reasons:

  • The friction from delicately rubbing the skin with a gentle scrub helps remove dead skin cells. If left on the skin, these dead cells can harden and make your skin look dry and flaky. With a gentle scrub, you reveal the new and dewy skin hidden underneath.
  • Dead skin cells can also clog your pores, blocking their natural function and wreaking havoc on your skin.
  • The gentle abrasion applied to skin helps improve circulation, which will impart a natural glow! If you're using a scrub that contains sea salt, you'll also be helping to remove residual bacteria since salt has antiseptic properties. When applied to skin, this may help kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, itching, and even pain associated with bacteria-related skin conditions.
  • Exfoliation also stimulates cellular regeneration, giving the skin a firmer and younger appearance. You may even benefit from a reduction in skin discoloration, evening out of skin tone and an improvement in texture.
  • That fresh layer of skin will absorb your products (serums, moisturizers, toners, etc.) much better and deeper, further combating winter dryness and irritation.

Now that you're convinced about the benefits of exfoliating, here's a simple DIY recipe you can whip up using goodies found in your pantry.


Coffee & Coconut DIY Body Scrub


  • ¼ cup sea salt
  • ¼ cup ground coffee
  • 2 tablespoons melted coconut oil
  • optional: pinch each of ground nutmeg and clove (for scent)


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until combined. For best results, apply to clean, damp skin in the shower. Don't forget to hydrate after exfoliating with a nourishing body lotion or oil for seriously soft skin.

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