10 Lifestyle Changes For Lasting Health

Written by Kirsten McCormick

The path to a healthy lifestyle, reaching your goals and making lasting changes has great rewards, but also plenty of obstacles that attempt to steer you off track.

After years of working with a variety of clientele, as well as pushing myself, I've established a few tips and tricks I give all my clients to help them make a permanent shift to a healthier life. I hope these tools help guide you along the road to becoming your best self as well.

1. Take a moment and determine what makes you happy.

Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) goals and define what makes you happy and what success means to you. A great body without happiness isn't worth it.

2. Set a schedule for your workouts, put them in your weekly calendar and stick to it.

No excuses! An appointment with yourself can be incredibly rewarding.

3. Make deeply restful shut-eye a priority.

Set a bedtime, shut the lights out and make it dark. Sleep is your superhero. Getting on the proper sleep schedule is essential for improving your energy and overall mood. Bring on the next workout!

4. Think of food as high-quality fuel.

The quality of food you eat, the frequency you choose to eat, and the quantity you eat are actually more important than exercising when it comes to finding a healthy weight. Your body is a system that requires the proper fuel to make it perform better, faster and more efficiently.

5. Add weights to lose weight.

The most effective way to change your overall body composition to embody more lean mass and less fat mass is to incorporate a strength-training program. The more muscle you have in your body, the greater amount of fat will be burned and in turn, the higher your overall metabolic rate.

6. Cultivate a support system.

Surround yourself with people who boost you up and believe in you. Plain and simple. Your friends and family should want the best for you and to see you happy. Seek out workout partners with similar goals, someone you can share your journey with and someone to hold you accountable.

7. Incorporate radical forgiveness into your life.

Remind yourself that you are human and humans make mistakes, frequently. Take a deep breath, hop back on the path, forgive yourself and let it go.

8. Practice santosha.

Santosha means contentment, or satisfaction. Learn to be content with where you are on your path, with your fitness, and with your body. Work toward quieting the chatter and the comparing of yourself to others and instead, constantly strive to be the healthiest YOU you can be. Adopting that mindset is incredibly powerful to your health, outlook on life and self-confidence.

9. Ditch self-doubt, stay positive and trust in the universe.

Listen to your body, but don't ever give up on what you've set your head and heart out to do. Stay positive and true to your path and know that it takes hard work, motivation and tremendous strength to persevere, but trust that you WILL get there. Give it your all — all the time. Remind yourself that half the effort produces half the results, so if you want it, you've got to go for it and don't stop until you get it!

10. Don't take shortcuts.

The long road is the most successful road and the toughest choices are the most rewarding. We're talking about a lifestyle here. No shortcuts, no secret sauce, no magic fairy. The challenges and obstacles you face along the way are the exact ingredients that stimulate change, growth and empowerment within yourself and create lasting results.

Enjoy the journey, have fun and do what makes your heart sing!

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