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What Your Clothing Color Choice Says About You

Tory Dube
Written by Tory Dube

Last month, I was particularly aware of my mental murkiness. It didn't matter how many green juices, meditation sessions or extra hours of sleep I added to my schedule — I couldn't shake the dull, foggy mood I was schlepping around. I chalked it up to the dreadfully cold winter New york is experiencing, and drank another green juice.

It wasn't until I was having one of those "maybe I should rearrange the whole apartment to avoid doing my work" moments that it hit me. Sitting in the middle of my bedroom floor, I was looking around at a sea of grey clothes: 19 grey shirts, four pairs of black pants, four pairs of grey pants ... 99% my winter wardrobe was downright depressing.

Whether you're hip to the science of color therapy or not, there's no denying we have deep associations with certain colors. What does bright yellow remind you of? I bet you say the sun. What about green? Grass. Blue? The expansive summer sky, or the ocean. Now what does grey remind you of? For me, I think of dirty snow, a sad elephant and gloomy weather.

In an attempt to limit materialistic behavior, I'd often throw on any old thing, paying no mind to how it made me feel. But not being mindful of your own vibes when you step out into the world isn't doing anyone any favors. The better you feel about yourself, the more you have to give to others.

Chromotherapy explains why we're physiologically affected in certain ways by certain colors, but I'll save you the science lesson so you can start focusing on dressing for success. The clothes you choose to wear are viewed by you throughout the day, so they should serve as a source of constant inspiration. Is your wardrobe inspiring or draining you?

Check out the list below to see how you can tweak your wardrobe to positively affect you throughout the day!

Grey: Causes indifference, non-expressiveness. Some associated terms are fixed, depressed, lifeless apathetic.

Black: Symbolizes extremes, all or nothing.

Gold: Symbolizes authority, self-confidence, creativity, perfection.

Silver: Inspires emotional stability, removes or neutralizes negativity.

Copper/Bronze: Symbolizes love and passion in personal and professional relationships and endeavors.

Red: Stimulates energy, warmth and healing. Some associated terms are courage, will-power, speed and assertiveness.

Orange: Stimulates new possibilities, creativity and enthusiasm.

Yellow: Awakens mental inspiration and energizes your muscles. (Remember, your heart is a muscle!)

Green: Inspires balance and harmony, soothes both the mind and body.

Blue: Soothes and cools.

Indigo: As a mix of blue and red, indigo combines the devotion of blue and stabilization of red. Indigo inspires coolness and electricity.

Violet/Purple: Colors of transformation, soothing mental and emotional stress. For those of you who meditate, it is believed that violet strengthens one's spiritual power.

White: White is the combination of all colors. It signifies perfection, balance and harmony.

Magenta: Inspires magnetism and extra focus to achieve power.

Pink: Restores youthfulness, inspires genuine contact to your true feelings.

Turquoise: Increases intuition and sensitivity. Relaxes sensations of stress.

Brown: Represents solidity and grounding, natural and simple.

So, now what? Should you go out and buy a new wardrobe? Not necessarily. If you've got the cash, shop 'till you drop. If you're like most of us, just make due with with you already own. In attempts to spice up my winter clothes I have added bright jewelry (that I already owned but only rocked in the summertime), colorful scarves and even bright socks.

Take note of how certain colors affect you and keep it in mind when dressing each day. Who knows, maybe your next big idea is just a gold broach away.

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