Everybody Poops! 7 Ways To Have Great Bowel Movements

Written by Eileen Fedyna

Whether you ate too many cashews this past month or drank one too many cocktails, your colon might be saying “enough is enough!" A healthy individual should be eliminating at least two to three times per day. Yes, that’s right, two to three times!

As a health consultant, I'm always shocked when a client notifies me that it's been days since they last had a bowel movement. If you're in the same boat, then read the following to begin healthy eliminations and watch as the bloating dissipates before your very eyes.

1. Prunes

These delicious little guys certainly do not get enough credit. Just 4-5 prunes a day can transform your system and boost your antioxidant levels. Prunes help you stay regular by providing sugars which draw fluid into the intestinal tract. The fiber from the prunes then “gels up” when mixed with the bodily fluids, which in turn, loosens the stools.

I also love eating prunes to satiate my sweet tooth-without causing a dramatic spike in blood sugar. Prune's “natural sugars” contain fructose and sorbitol, which are much healthier than sucrose (which is the main component of white sugar).

2. Whole leaf aloe vera gel

I have found that whole leaf aloe vera gel is one of the most effective methods for stubborn bowels. The best way to take aloe is on an empty stomach, first thing upon waking in the morning. I enjoy two shot glasses worth of aloe before my warm green tea and find that this works wonders! Aloe also helps to heal possible damage that has effected your stomach lining. In my opinion- it is a superfood.

3. Apples

Ah, the wonders of organic apples! If you find yourself frequently complaining about feeling “clogged," then you're not getting enough natural fiber. Certain types of apples are a great low glycemic fruit option and have the power to get the pipes moving again.

The high levels of pectin in apples work well within the body to help bind with excess toxins and flush them right out. If you're on an extended candida cleanse, just remember this: your body needs a certain amount of fruit and the enzymes they provide!

4. Water

Fill up your glass water bottle and get sipping! Frequently, increasing eliminations can happen simply by drinking more water throughout the day. 8-10 glasses of distilled or filtered water can aid in wonderful hydration, better brain function and immediate bowel improvement.

5. Digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes work to help break down the food we eat at a faster pace. The faster the breakdown, the more quickly food processes through the colon. If you plan on eating a difficult-to-digest meal, I recommend taking a digestive enzyme an hour before eating.

6. Probiotics

Have you taken antibiotics recently? Perhaps in the past few years? The effects of antibiotics linger for quite some time. Antibiotics are tough on the lining of the stomach and effect the good digestive acids which enable us to properly digest our food. If you find yourself constipated and miserable after a course of treatment, be sure to take a high quality (refrigerated) probiotic with a high bacterial count.

Probiotics help to heal the gut and reform the body's good bacteria. In the future, if you find you must take an antibiotic, be sure to take this probiotic along with it to prevent damage to the stomach lining.

7. Hot peppers

Hot peppers come in at number seven because this spicy condiment can de-clog even the most constipated individual. I bet you're surprised to read this one. No, hot peppers are not bad for the body, nor will they give you a “heart attack”. In actuality, hot peppers are said to kill off cancer cells and make your taste buds come alive!

Because many people cannot eat spicy/hot foods in large amounts, I recommend starting slow by adding some crushed red pepper to your spinach salad or mixed into your favorite soup. Cayenne and jalapeño are wonderful choices, as well!

Regularity is crucial for good health. Please follow the above tips to improve the elimination process and get your body into a happier and healthier state.

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