How I Lost 40 Pounds & Kept It Off

mbg Contributor By Osha Key
mbg Contributor
Osha Key is a transformation coach based in Southeast Asia. She received her bachelor's in economics from Kaunas University of Technology, and completed her advanced holistic nutritionist certification at the School of Natural Health Sciences.

It’s been more than four years since I decided to take responsibility for my health and change my lifestyle. Not only have I lost over 40 pounds of fat, but I have also managed to keep it off, which seems to be the hardest thing when it comes to weigh loss.

Although there are so many important things I’ve done that helped me get where I am today, I’ll share a few that you can use as an inspiration and implement yourself:

1. I stopped blaming my genes and circumstances and took responsibility.

I grew up in a family where all the women were more or less overweight. I was told that being fat was “in our genes” and it was assumed that sooner or later I would also become heavy.

Beliefs shape your reality, but they are neither true nor false. They can only be beneficial or detrimental. And the good news is that you can consciously choose them. So, decide now which belief serves you better: that you are controlled by your genes and your metabolism, and you are destined to be overweight? Or that you are in total control, and can have the body of your dreams?

2. I made my health a priority.

About five years ago, a friend suggested doing one simple exercise which helped me change my life. That exercise was about defining my core values. I realized that my most important value was health, yet this wasn’t reflected in the way I lived my life. This was my "aha!" moment, when all the changes started happening.

If you want to do the same exercise, I give the exact instructions in my ebook Mastery in Weight Loss, which I offer for free to my subscribers. .

3. I took action.

Changing your beliefs and attitude is vital, but it's not enough. To get the results, you need to take action.

I eliminated the things that were making me sick, i.e. smoking, caffeine, meat, dairy, processed foods, and replaced them with nutrient-dense foods in my diet. I also started exercising.

This shift didn’t happen overnight. It took me years to change some of my habits. So if you have lots of weight to lose, don’t expect to get there tomorrow. Just be patient and have faith. It’s definitely worth it!

4. I gave myself permission to listen to my intuition and be guided.

That was the best thing I ever did. Our inner guidance system is here for a reason. And I believe that reason is to help us stay on track with our life's mission and path.

I was guided to meet people who taught me spiritual lessons that I needed to learn. I didn’t let fear get in the way. I decided to change my career and move countries. When you allow yourself to be guided, you also get more in tune with your body, which, I strongly believe, also helps get rid of unnecessary weight.

5. I made the decision to be happy.

I designed my life in a way that is meaningful and filled with joy. When I got happy and fulfilled, I stopped being obsessed with food or fitness. Eating well and moving my body are just things that are necessary to keep me healthy and vibrant, but are not the main focus of life anymore. A lot of times we feel hunger in our hearts and minds, and mistake it for being hungry for food.

Everyone is on a different journey, and I’m not saying that my journey to health is the best or the only one. It is a way, not the way. If some of the advice resonates with you, take it and use it in your life.

I’d love to hear from you! Which of these five tips resonates most with you and is one you hope to implement in your own life? Let me know in a comment below! Good luck!

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