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How I Lost More Than 60 Pounds With These Healing Secrets

Katrina Love Senn
Written by Katrina Love Senn

Do you suffer from excess weight? Would you like to lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds or a lot more? Are you sick of dieting or food restrictions? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please know that that you are not alone. All over the world, the dieting game has been purposefully created and expanded by the exact same companies that profit from the millions of dollars that dieters spend, year after year.

Today I want to share with you four powerful weight loss secrets that transformed my life. These secrets helped me to lose over 60 pounds naturally (no diets, drugs or deprivation) and I have kept the weight off for over 14 years now. In the process I naturally healed eczema, asthma, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue syndrome and stopped taking prescription medications.

The four secrets that made all the difference were:

1. Start a healing journey.

Losing weight is a healing journey. It is not about going on a diet, as is commonly believed. Permanent weight loss is about realizing that the only person responsible for your health is you. Losing weight naturally is about actively choosing to go on your own healing journey of self-discovery and transformation.

In my classes and workshops, I always like to say that you are the person you have been looking for! The answers to all the questions you have lives inside of you. Going on a healing journey allows you to turn down the distractions in your life, so that you can tune in and hear the answers that live within.

2. Heal your body.

Food not only has the ability to change what you look like, but it can also shift how you think and feel. Healing foods are low in toxicity and therefore encourage the body to thrive. Eating healing foods will give you the ability to self-heal and experience having high energy levels.

So what are healing foods? Healing foods are real foods. These foods are how nature intended for them to be eaten. They are free from artificial flavorings, additives, colorings and preservatives.

Everyone eats food but the key thing here is to ensure that you are eating the right types of foods that are yummy but also full of nutrition.

3. Heal your mind.

Your thoughts are part of your inner world and must be taken into account if you are to lose weight for good.

Simply begin by noticing which thoughts support you on your weight loss journey of healing. Pay attention to the thoughts that make you feel good, along with the ones that don't. The more supportive the thoughts you have, the healthier, kinder and more loving your mind will be. Cultivating the practice of thinking supportive healing thoughts will help you to change your old habits and patterns in a joyful manner.

There are many simple exercises that you can use to change how you think about your body. Some of my favorite ones to use for weight loss are engaging your imagination, visualization, meditation, yoga, affirmations, noticing your self-talk and paying attention to your language patterns.

4. Heal your emotions.

Building a healthy emotional world is the foundation of not only losing weight but of keeping it off for good.

Healing your emotions means to do the inner work so that you can experience joyful emotions such as happiness, love, health, energy, trust, forgiveness, courage and strength. When filled with these types of emotions, your ability to believe in yourself to achieve your goals becomes resolute and rock solid. As a result you will feel better and your self image, self esteem and self confidence will improve.

You can lose weight naturally, if instead of focusing on 'losing weight' begin to shift your focus to healing your body, your mind and your emotions!

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