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How Tapping Can Help You Lose Weight (Video)

Jessica Ortner
NY Times bestseller By Jessica Ortner
NY Times bestseller
Jessica Ortner is the author of the New York Times best-seller The Tapping Solution For Weight Loss and Body Confidence and the producer of The Tapping Solution. Her work has been featured on USA Today, Women's Health, and Shape, among others.
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How Tapping Can Help You Lose Weight (Video)

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Before I started using Tapping, or EFT Tapping, to lose weight, I’d spent years obsessing about my body, relying on extreme exercise and diet methods for weight loss. As it turns out, the stress I felt about my weight was preventing me from shedding the pounds I so desperately wanted to lose.

It’s a stressful and frustrating cycle that so many women get caught in. To begin using Tapping to feel better, love your body, and lose weight, watch my video at the end of this post. Tapping is so easy to learn it takes less than 4 minutes!

In my book, The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence, I share the journey thousands of women used to shed weight and learn to love their bodies. Here are a few key points you can use to get started:

Losing weight isn’t about your weight, food, or exercise. It’s about your stress and emotions. Your emotions control your beliefs about yourself, your weight, and your worth. They also play a huge role in determining your stress level. While emotions like shame, guilt and frustration increase stress, others — like love, happiness, and gratitude — tend to have a relaxing effect.

Emotions also control your actions. Have you ever made a plan to eat healthy only to find yourself halfway through a box of cookies, thinking, Did I really do this ... again? Your emotions are the driving force behind every action you take. You may know exactly what you “should” be doing, but you’re not doing it because your emotions sidetrack you.

When a food craving strikes, tap on it! While food cravings feel physical, they’re often rooted in emotions. By tapping on the craving itself — the chocolate chip cookies or potato chips you’re dying to devour, and how badly you want to eat them — you can lower your stress and process and release the emotion(s) behind the cravings. Once you do that, the craving goes away.

Love is the most powerful weight loss drug available. This is often the hardest point for women to accept, but learning to love yourself now — yes, with the weight you desperately want to shed — is the fastest path to body confidence and weight loss. If it feels impossible at first, know that you’re not alone. That’s where tapping comes in. When you tap on the stress, frustration, anxiety, even hatred, you feel for your body, you can release those emotions and create a positive, loving relationship with your body and your weight. When you do that, your entire world, including your body, will transform.

Just think … you no longer need to feel like a victim of your stress and weight loss struggles. Freedom lies at your fingertips.

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