5 Things I Learned When I Stopped Taking The Pill

Written by Iris Josephina

After six years of feeling uncomfortable in my body, experiencing mood swings, lower bellyaches and severe lower back pains. I have written down for you what I have learned, discovered and experienced when I stopped taking birth control pills.

1. I discovered the actual size and shape of my body.

I started taking birth control pills at age 15, when my body was still transforming from that of a child to that of a young woman. A lot of changes take place at this time, and there's a tornado of hormones swirling around. Starting taking The Pill only boosted these processes, which led to major physical changes and mood swings. Consequently, I felt very insecure about what my body looked like because it changed so fast and became super feminine in less than one month.

When I stopped taking The Pill, my bras were too big all of a sudden, and I got to discover the ACTUAL size of my breasts. I'm happy with how they REALLY are. I also felt less puffy and chubby than I did when I was still taking The Pill.

2. I got to know my true cycle.

Since The Pill blocks ovulation, a woman doesn't have real menstruation and consequently doesn't get to know her own cycle. When I started taking The Pill, I wasn't aware of the fact that I didn't have my actual period, that the mucus around my cervix was a couple of times thicker than usual, and that my womb was made less suitable to accept an embryo when conception might have happened. When I discovered this — at the age of 21 and after being on many different types of birth control pills — I decided that this was it. I didn't want to put these things in my body anymore.

I was SO ready to finally consciously discover what I'd never really known: what my own cycle felt like. I wanted to see and feel and experience for how many days I would bleed, how long my whole cycle would be, whether I was aligned with the moon or not (ovulation on full moon, period on new moon), what my belly would feel like, whether I would experience heavy legs, headaches — the whole menstrual shebang.

3. I finally FELT what happens in my body.

As said in point two, I was very curious about what would happen when I got my own cycle back. After stopping The Pill, I knew there would be a lot of "new" things to feel in my body. Apart from that, I could honestly feel female again, because it wouldn't be a "fake period" anymore, but a REAL one, on my body's pace and rhythm. Menstruating is something that's unique for women, and I feel that we have to celebrate this gift of nature. Taking pills, to me, felt like suppressing nature.

4. I remembered my libido!

Need I say more? The Pill caused a loss of libido for me. If, like me, you're a virgin when you start The Pill and thus start your sexual life with zero libido, it doesn't really contribute to your feeling beautiful, sexually active and attractive. I started to think I was asexual at one point. To me, quitting birth control pills meant a sexual transformation in my relationship.

5. I'm a fan of fertility computers.

I'm not the only one who's learning about my body and my cycle now. My beautiful partner is also openly learning and discovering on this moon cycle journey with me. We don't want to have babies yet, so we've both agreed to be responsible love makers. I was already using a fertility computer when we first met, and when I told him about it, his eyes went wide. A fertility computer?

Yup. There are different types and brands, and different methods. The best thing is that it has zero side effects because you're putting zero hormones into your body. Plus you get to know your exact cycle, when you ovulate, when you're fertile and when not.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying using The Pill is a bad thing. But I do want to emphasize that starting to take The Pill is maybe a little bit too "easy" and less discussed in our modern world. Think before you do, ask, get informed, learn. Explore what works best for you!

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