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This One Overlooked Ritual Can Help Elevate Your Self-Care Right Now

Because we could all use a little love.

#skin care #Traditional Chinese Medicine
Jamie Schneider
November 5 2020

Acupuncture Put A Pin In Post-Op Pain During A New Pilot Study

Add it to the list of acupuncture's benefits.

#news #Acupuncture #Traditional Chinese Medicine
Sarah Regan
October 6 2020

An Acupuncturist's Complete Guide To Traditional Chinese Medicine

An acupuncturist explores the deep roots of the healing system.

#Traditional Chinese Medicine #Acupuncture #Herbs
Snow Xia L.Ac.
October 1 2020

5 Ways To Prep Your Body & Mind For Fall, According To Ayurveda & TCM

Consider these ancient teachings.

#Ayurveda #Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Calming Fruit You Should Be Consuming Before Bed Every Night*

Jujube has been trusted for thousands of years.

#sleep #mbgsupplements #Traditional Chinese Medicine
Sarah Regan
August 30 2020

12 Gua Sha Tools To De-Puff Your Entire Face & Carve Your Jawline

Sculpt those cheekbones.

#skin care #energy #Traditional Chinese Medicine
Jamie Schneider
August 28 2020

Feelings & Sensations To Expect During Your First Acupuncture Session

An mbg editor recaps her first acupuncture experience.

#Acupuncture #energy #Traditional Chinese Medicine
Sarah Regan
August 18 2020

This Cooling Watermelon Rind Sheet Face Mask Screams Summer DIY

How to beat the heat using ancient TCM wisdom.

#Traditional Chinese Medicine #skin care
Snow Xia L.Ac.
July 28 2020

Step Away From The AC & Cool Down With These Ancient Remedies Instead

A little acupressure goes a long way when you're feeling the heat.

#Traditional Chinese Medicine #Acupuncture #Raw Food #superfoods
Snow Xia L.Ac.
July 7 2020

Keep Those Lungs Healthy With This 4-Step Acupressure Routine

An acupuncturist's guide to protecting yourself during COVID-19.

#COVID-19 #Traditional Chinese Medicine
Snow Xia L.Ac.
June 28 2020

Cica Creams Are Great For Sensitive Skin: A K-Beauty Staple, Explained

Stateside, it’s dubbed “cica,” but it also goes by centella asiatica, Tiger Grass, gotu kola, Indian Pennywort, or Ji Xue Cao. 

#skin care #Traditional Chinese Medicine #inflammation
Alexandra Engler
June 22 2020

Facial Cupping Can Give You Sculpted, Glowy Skin: Here's How To Do It At Home

Facial cupping can give you the toned, sculpted jawline of dreams, but it can also give you a face full of hickeys.

#skin care #inflammation #Traditional Chinese Medicine
Jamie Schneider
June 16 2020

3 Lesser-Known Tips A TCM Practitioner Recommends For Immunity

Looking for more ways to boost your immunity?

#Traditional Chinese Medicine #drinks #Herbs #COVID-19

Ear Seeds: 4 Benefits Of These Acupressure Tools + Guide To Apply

Ear what?

#anxiety #skin care #Acupuncture #Traditional Chinese Medicine
Alexandra Engler
October 19 2019

I Tried Ear Seeds For Anxiety — This Is What Happened

It's like all-day acupuncture.

#anxiety #Traditional Chinese Medicine #Acupuncture #headaches
Alexandra Engler
September 19 2019

How To Balance Yin Energy For A Great Mood & Tons Of Energy All Winter Long

How to balance yin energy in the winter, including avoiding excess, eating seasonal foods that are cooked, and leaning on your support system.

#Traditional Chinese Medicine #Acupuncture
Walda Laurenceau, L.Ac.
February 14 2019

I Had Intense Jaw Pain For Months. Here's What Finally Helped

Acupuncture can help treat TMD by providing pain relief from jaw and neck pain associated with bruxism.

#Acupuncture #Traditional Chinese Medicine #pain
Nicole Hansalik
December 22 2018

This Ancient Recipe Is The Best Way To Quickly Reset Your Gut During The Holidays

It's also a great make-ahead lunch or dinner.

#Traditional Chinese Medicine #dinner #gut health
Phoebe Lapine
December 18 2018

Panic Attacks & Heart Palpitations? Soothe Your Nervous System Back With This Simple Acupressure Technique

How to soothe your nervous system using acupressure techniques.

#anxiety #panic attack #Traditional Chinese Medicine

This Is The Simplest Way To Get The Anti-Inflammatory Perks Of The Mediterranean Diet

Without chugging your weight in olive oil.

#immunity #cancer #Traditional Chinese Medicine #brain #Blood Sugar
Stephanie Eckelkamp
October 9 2018