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How An Eco-Challenge Helped Me Reduce & Reframe My Anxiety

"It's interesting how when you shift one thing in your life, it can cascade."

Sara Weinreb
November 18 2019

We're Not Just Sleeping Less, We're Sleeping Worse, New Study Finds

A new study has found conclusive evidence Americans aren't just sleeping less, they're sleeping worse.

Eliza Sullivan
November 14 2019

Researchers Find 4 Things That Help Women Feel Less Stressed About Sex

Negative feelings about sex can dramatically impact how good sex feels for you.

Kelly Gonsalves
November 14 2019
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The Scientific Reason Mornings Feel So Stressful (And What You Can Do About It)

Eight stress-reduction techniques that might just turn you into a morning person.

Maridel Reyes
November 6 2019

4 Techniques To Enhance Your Memory & Melt Away Anxious Thoughts

These are the keys to unblocking our minds and improving our lives.

Jim Karol & Michael Ross
November 3 2019

How To Reduce Your Chances Of Lower Back Pain, According To A D.C.

The spine of a 30-something goes through a lot—here's how to help protect it.

Krista Soriano
October 16 2019

Study Finds Your Stress Levels Can Determine The Sex Of Your Baby

You might have more power in the process than you thought.

Jamie Schneider
October 14 2019