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Improve Your Connections & Supercharge Your Social Life With This Skill

Experts are now calling it a "vitality amplifier."

#friendship #politics #journaling #anxiety
Ali Pattillo
November 20 2023

How To Be Persuasive Instead Of Just Critical, According To Research

And avoid defensiveness.

#dating #friendship #politics #news
Sarah Regan
July 14 2023

Why We Love Certain Smells In Nature + More Climate News To Know

Plus, the most effective climate action you can take this month.

#environmentalism #politics #stress #Healthy Planet, Healthy You
Emma Loewe
August 4 2022

You Know Deforestation Is Bad — But Do You Know Why? Here's A Primer

We're losing about 30 soccer fields' worth of forest a minute.

#environmentalism #politics
Emma Loewe
March 25 2022

We're Getting "Plastic Free July" All Wrong: What To Do Instead

It's time to push beyond individual action.

#environmentalism #politics
Emma Loewe
July 15 2021

The U.S. Just Set An Impressive Climate Goal — Can We Make It Reality?

Here's how citizens can keep the pressure on in the lead-up to 2030.

#news #politics #environmentalism
Emma Loewe
April 23 2021

I'm A Climate Scientist Who Hasn't Lost Hope: Here's Why

"I am convinced that now is the most interesting time to be alive."

#environmentalism #politics
Kimberly Nicholas, PhD
March 23 2021

Teenage Climate Activists Share Their Plans For The Planet In 2021

After a year that made organizing difficult, they're looking ahead with renewed clarity and urgency.

#climate change #politics #environmentalism
Emma Loewe
January 6 2021

Kamala Harris' 5 Nonnegotiable Practices For Health & Well-Being

Even more reasons she's an inspiration.

#politics #news #healthy aging
Kristine Thomason
November 10 2020

7 Areas In Your Home To Deep Clean If Stress Scrubbing Is Your Thing

Some cleaning inspo for in-between phone checks.

#Green Cleaning #stress #toxins at home #politics
Sarah Regan
November 5 2020

How This MD Takes An Ayurvedic Approach To Election Stress Disorder

Sometimes, going back to basics is best.

#sleep #Ayurveda #politics
Avanti Kumar-Singh, M.D.
November 3 2020

Should Couples Talk About Who They're Voting For? Some Things To Consider

It might bring you closer. Or it might tear you apart. Both are OK.

#politics #dating #marriage
Kelly Gonsalves
November 2 2020

3 Meditations To Help You Think About Something Other Than The Election

Things outside us may be crazy, but we can still find some calm within.

#anxiety #Guided Meditations #politics
Sarah Regan
November 1 2020

The World Needs More Climate Citizens: A Former State Rep Shares Why

Kate Knuth, Ph.D., a former congresswoman from Minnesota, on the role we all have to play in this historic election.

#environmentalism #news #politics
Emma Loewe
October 28 2020

Long Voting Lines? Try These 7 Expert-Backed Tips For Your Body & Mind

Waiting in line is worth it: Here's how to make it as pleasant as possible.

#politics #COVID-19
Eliza Sullivan
October 27 2020

I Lost My Home In A Forest Fire: This Is What Climate Change Taught Me

I just lost my home; I don't want us to lose ours.

#environmentalism #politics
Julia Jackson
December 30 2019

Eco-Anxiety Is On The Rise — But That's Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

Honestly, it'd be way worse if we didn't.

#environmentalism #anxiety #politics #Wellness Trends 2019
mbg editorial
December 8 2019

Waterfalls Are Forming On Glaciers & Scientists Are Concerned

A recent study discovered the Greenland Ice Sheet is cracking and melting more.

#climate change #news #politics
Sarah Regan
December 5 2019

Why Self-Care Is Absolutely Vital For Activists (& How To Do It)

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

#environmentalism #stress #politics
Kelly Gonsalves
December 2 2019

Why The 2020s Need To Be 'The Climate Decade' & How You Can Help Out

No more messing around.

#news #environmentalism #politics #technology
Emma Loewe
October 3 2019