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A Functional MD On Why Foot Care Is The Cornerstone Of Healthy Aging

Here's why healthy aging starts at the soles.

#healthy aging #massage #pain
Jamie Schneider
October 27 2020

Put Some Shoes On: A Holistic Podiatrist On Why Barefoot Isn't Best

Solving the problem afoot.

#pain #inflammation
Abby Moore
October 22 2020

4 Stretches To Soothe Pain & Stiffness From Breast Cancer Treatment

The pain doesn't have to last forever.

#cancer #pain #movement cures
Leslie J. Waltke, P.T., DPT
October 20 2020

Cramps After Sex? You Might Have "Bruised" Your Cervix

Luckily, it's usually not a cause for concern.

#orgasm #pain
Sarah Regan
October 19 2020

Yes, Reverse Kegels Are A Thing: Experts On Why You May Need This Pelvic Floor Exercise

You've heard of a Kegel, but what about the reverse Kegel?

#pain #breath
Abby Moore
October 15 2020

A Naturopathic Sleep Doctor On The Best Sleep Position For Your Health

Are you a side sleeper or a stomach sprawler?

#sleep #breath #pain #mbgsupplements
Sarah Regan
October 10 2020

6 Expert-Approved Teas To Soothe Headaches Once (Or Before) They Hit

How to calm that pounding in the head.

#tea #pain #drinks
Abby Moore
October 9 2020

I Have Endometriosis. Here's What It's Like Trying To Date When Sex Is Painful

How do you tell someone you're dating that you can't do penetrative sex?

#pain #dating
Lara Parker
October 8 2020

People With This Type Of Back Pain Could Benefit From Physical Therapy ASAP

The wait-and-see approach may not be all it's cracked up to be.

#pain #news
Abby Moore
October 5 2020

Clenched Teeth? How That Tension Might Affect The Rest Of The Body

The full-body effects of jaw tension.

#stress #pain
Abby Moore
October 3 2020

Yoga & Meditation May Offer Relief From Chronic Pain, Study Says

Further research for the benefits of these practices.

#news #yoga #pain
Eliza Sullivan
October 2 2020

Spider Venom May Help Manage IBS Pain, Says Research (15 Years In The Making)

Yes, you read that correctly.

#gut health #pain #news
Abby Moore
September 22 2020

14 Stretches To Counteract The Effects Of Sitting, From A Physical Therapist

The dangers of sitting and how to relieve some symptoms.

#Heart #pain #longevity
Leslie J. Waltke, P.T., DPT
September 21 2020

What To Do If You're Feeling Overwhelmed By Loss Right Now, From A Grief Expert

While grief never truly goes away, it does oftentimes appear in ebbs and flows.

#grief #brain #pain
Jamie Schneider
September 11 2020

New Research Finds Link Between Mental Health & Chest Pain

Is the brain a better indicator of chest pain than the heart?

#brain #stress #Heart #news #pain
Abby Moore
August 11 2020

8 Stretches & Exercises To Help Manage Lower-Body Pain From Pregnancy

How to alleviate common pregnancy pains from the comfort of home.

#flexibility #pain #pregnancy #COVID-19
Abby Moore
August 6 2020