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This Is A Common Strength Training Mistake Trainers Note & How To Fix It

Are you paying attention to this part of your workout?

#yoga #pain
Abby Moore
February 5 2021

Are Your Blue Light Glasses Even Working? A Functional Eye Doctor's Tip To Tell

Wondering if your blue-light-blocking lenses fall short?

#headaches #COVID-19 #pain
Jamie Schneider
February 2 2021

5 Energy-Boosting Stretches To Help Wake You Up On Cold Mornings

A productive way to stay in bed a little longer.

#pain #energy #sleep
Leslie J. Waltke, P.T., DPT
January 30 2021

To Wear Shoes Or Not? Here Are The At-Home Workouts You Can Do Barefoot

When shoes do and don't matter in your at-home "gym."

#barre #hiit #yoga #pain
Abby Moore
January 5 2021

"Letdown" Headaches Are A Sneaky Type Of Migraine That Can Ruin Your Weekend

Why headaches may strike when your routine is out of whack.

#pain #brain
Abby Moore
January 2 2021

Meet Your "Shadow Self": What It Is, When It Forms & How To Work With It

A licensed therapist and neuroscientist offer tips on finding and facing your shadows.

#empowerment #pain
Sarah Regan
December 22 2020

Karamo Brown Shares His Isolating Experience With Migraines + How He Manages Now

Migraines are more than just headaches.

#celebrity #pain #brain #news
Abby Moore
December 16 2020

Meditation & Yoga May Help Improve Migraine Symptoms, Study Suggests

How being mindful can affect migraines.

#pain #news #brain
Abby Moore
December 15 2020

A Chiropractor's All-Time Favorite Stretches for Upper-Back Pain

A few simple steps to relief.

#pain #stress
Jessica Timmons
December 12 2020

I'm An OB/GYN: Here's How To Stock Your Medicine Cabinet For Vaginal Health

What to keep on hand, in case of emergency (or anytime).

#healthy period #inflammation #pain #skin care
Abby Moore
December 9 2020

Your Gut May Be Triggering Those Pandemic Headaches — Here's What To Do

What came first: the dysbiosis, stress, or headache?

#mbgsupplements #microbiome #pain #brain
Abby Moore
December 4 2020

I'm An Optometrist & Here's Why You Need To Stop Rubbing Your Eyes

Opt for these safer ways to relieve eye irritation.

#allergies #pain
Abby Moore
December 2 2020

I'm A Holistic Podiatrist & These Are My Go-To Natural Remedies For Foot Pain

The potential downsides of anti-inflammatory pain meds.

#pain #inflammation
Robert Kornfeld, DPM
December 1 2020

Do You Ever Get Headaches Post-Workout? Here's Why & What To Do About It

The reason for those post-sweat head pains.

#pain #brain
Abby Moore
November 21 2020

The Common Sleep Position That Can Mess With Your Neck & Shoulders

A sleep psychiatrist shares how to switch it up.

#sleep #pain #mbgsupplements
Sarah Regan
November 21 2020

7 Stretches This Physical Therapist Uses To Relieve Neck & Jaw Pain

Take a break from staring at your computer, and try these stretches.

#stress #pain
Abby Moore
November 9 2020

No Matter Your Sleep Position, Here's The Optimal Pillow Position For The Best Snooze

Here's how to situate your pillow for optimal support, according to experts.

#sleep #mbgsupplements #pain
Sarah Regan
November 8 2020

The Worst Sleep Position For Your Health, According To A Naturopathic Doctor

Certain sleeping positions can make it harder to breathe and strain your body.

#sleep #pain #mbgsupplements
Sarah Regan
November 7 2020

Stomach Upset? 5 Soothing Teas To Sip That'll Ease Nausea & Discomfort

When you're having tummy troubles.

#tea #gut health #pain
Abby Moore
November 6 2020

A 2-Minute Stretch To Release The Nasty Neck & Shoulder Tension You're Storing

Many of us experience neck and shoulder pain, eye strain, and tension headaches.

#pain #mbgmindfulmovement #headaches
Sarah Regan
October 29 2020