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Why I Decided To Become A Medical Marijuana Doctor

I hadn't planned on becoming a medical marijuana doctor, especially not as a nerdy kid raised by conservative Indian parents. But I found the research...

Dr. Rachna Patel
March 19 2016

7 Things No One Understands About Chronic Pain

In 2016, one in three Americans suffers from chronic pain. That’s more than 100 million Americans, more people than those who have diabetes, heart...

Marion Cunningham
February 12 2016

What I Tell My Patients About Endometriosis + How To Manage It Naturally

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women in America. As a natural doctor focused on women’s health, my approach to managing this painful condition involves...

Aviva Romm, M.D.
February 10 2016

9 Reasons You're Getting Headaches + How To Manage Them: A Neurologist Explains

As a neurologist at a major heachache center, I see a lot of really tough headache and migraine cases. The hard part in treating them? A lot about...

Dr. Vernon Rowe
January 15 2016

Living With Endometriosis: Lena Dunham & Padma Lakshmi Get Real

Even though a staggering 176 million women worldwide are affected by endometriosis, it often takes years and years of doctor visits, misdiagnoses and...

Allie White
November 17 2015

This Mindfulness Practice Is A Better Painkiller Than Morphine

If you haven't already, it's time to hop on the "breathe in, breathe out" bandwagon — because, well, there are really no downsides.

Emi Boscamp
November 12 2015

A 5-Minute Breathing Exercise To Reduce Stress & Pain

As a physical therapist and breathing consultant, I've seen countless clients who are dealing with pain issues, especially in the back, neck, or hip...

Darragh Sheehy
September 12 2015

When Medical Marijuana Works (And When It Doesn't)

“Ohhh, so now pot’s a ‘medicine,’ right? Now they’re handing out prescriptions? You gotta be kidding me!”

Dr. David Casarett
July 30 2015

What I Wish More People Understood About Back Pain

I am an orthopedic spine surgeon who has been performing complex spine surgery since 1986. But from my very first year in practice, it was clear to me...

Dr. David Hanscom
July 2 2015

Improve Your Posture & End Back Pain With These 7 Lifestyle Changes

As a private chef and professional in the food industry, having a bad back is more than just an occupational hazard. The first time I threw mine out,...

Phoebe Lapine
June 26 2015

Why Don't We Take Chronic Pain Seriously?

Brenda van Hoose has been in pain for 30 years. Her current diagnoses include spinal stenosis, arthropathy, bulging discs, arthritis, a pinched nerve,...

Ruth Graham
June 15 2015

Love Wearing Heels? 3 Options That Won't Destroy Your Body

There is such a thing as love at first sight.

Karena Wu
June 8 2015

Work Out A Lot? Here's How To Prevent Injuries

Chances are that if you're active, you've had an overuse injury at some point. Every type of activity comes with its own susceptibility to injury:...

Camilla Moore
June 5 2015

How To Prevent Lower Back Pain In 10 Minutes Or Less

From a simple muscle strain to slipped or bulging spinal discs, there are a number of things that can cause lower back pain. Unfortunately, one of the...

Mark Williams
May 28 2015

6 Ways To Manage Pain Without Having To Suffer

The words “pain and suffering” tend to be inextricably tethered, like Siamese twins. It seems unfathomable that one could exist without the other. But...

Marie-Rose Phan-Lê
May 4 2015

Understanding Fascia: Why You Feel Tight + How To Release Tension

Back when I was in school, it was taught the white "film" on cadavers (fascia) was inert and non-specific. But we know now that fascia is, without...

Melissa Putt
May 3 2015

5 Reasons To Foam Roll Every Day

What I'm about to tell you isn't ground-breaking, but it's important, so listen up: start foam rolling!

Nora Tobin
April 29 2015

Why Your Knees Hurt During A Workout + What To Do About It

Do your knees ache every time you climb stairs, get out of bed, go for a job or bend down to do a squat at the gym? Does this keep you from your...

Beth Drayer
April 25 2015

What To Do When Your Exercise Is Painful

While exercise is no doubt beneficial to your mental and physical health, it often comes with an increased risk of injury, especially if you're new to...

Dr. Stefano Sinicropi
April 21 2015