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13 Rituals To Help You Make The Most Of Every Full Moon Night

The full moon is the perfect time to power up your rituals.

#full moon #Tarot #crystals #manifesting
Sarah Regan
November 18 2021

A Powerful Portal Opens Thursday: Here's How To Harness 11/11

Your intuition may be heightened.

#journaling #manifesting #Tarot
Sarah Regan
November 11 2021

3 Journal Prompts To Manifest Your Wildest Dreams

Take your intentions to the next level.

#manifesting #journaling #empowerment
Sarah Regan
November 9 2021

Having Trouble Reaching Your Goals? This Spiritual Law Is Here To Help

It comes down to separating yourself and your emotions from your goals.

Sarah Regan
September 10 2021

3 Manifestation Rituals You'll Want To Do Before The Lion's Gate Portal Closes

There's still time to harness this potent energy if you missed the memo this past weekend.

#manifesting #crystals
Sarah Regan
August 10 2021

Have You Heard Of The 369 Method? How To Use It To Manifest Anything

The 369 method couldn't be easier to try yourself.

#manifesting #empowerment
Sarah Regan
July 29 2021

This One Overlooked Personality Trait Is The Key To Being Successful

It's all about how we show up.

#affirmations #anxiety #fear #manifesting
Olivia Giacomo
June 18 2021

You've Heard Of The Law Of Attraction — But How About The Law Of Vibration?

A deep dive into this universal law.

#manifesting #empowerment
Sarah Regan
June 17 2021

How Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Can Influence Our Behavior & Relationships

Two mental health experts weigh in.

#manifesting #affirmations
Sarah Regan
June 16 2021

These 7 Ancient Laws Can Help You Improve Your Life & Empower Yourself

Many have sought to understand the natural laws that govern our universe.

#manifesting #empowerment
Sarah Regan
February 22 2021

Self-Hypnosis Is Essentially A Deep Meditation: Here's How It's Done

Being hypnotized isn't all embarrassing stage performances.

#manifesting #empowerment
Sarah Regan
February 21 2021

How To Give Yourself An Intuitive Reading With A Deck Of Plain Ol' Playing Cards

It's called cartomancy, and anyone can give it a try.

#manifesting #empowerment
Sarah Regan
February 10 2021

7 Practical Ways To Release Scarcity & Adopt An Abundance Mindset

It's not always easy, but it's possible.

#affirmations #manifesting #Journey #empowerment #journaling
Sarah Regan
January 24 2021

The Simplest Tarot "Spread" For Quick Insight Anytime You Need It

Sometimes, one is really all you need.

#empowerment #manifesting
Sarah Regan
January 21 2021

A Master List Of 50+ Affirmations To Make Mornings Infinitely Brighter

Affirmations are a great way to get the day started on the right foot.

#affirmations #manifesting
Sarah Regan
January 20 2021

Pass The Tape: Why You Should Be Vision Boarding With Your Partner

Making a board with your partner is a great way to give life to your shared vision.

#dating #marriage #manifesting
Sarah Regan
January 11 2021

A Yoga Flow To Set Intentions & Manifest Your Goals In The Year Ahead

Try this yoga flow to set your New Year's intentions and manifest everything that you want in 2020.

#yoga #manifesting #affirmations
Claire Grieve
December 31 2020

6 Rituals For Making Your Own Light As The Days Get Darker, Inspired By Diwali

Inspired by the Indian festival of lights, Diwali or Deepawali.

#Journey #manifesting
Barbara Biziou
November 12 2020

What's Keeping You From Your Goals, According To An MIT Neuroscientist

Manifesting isn't exactly easy, but with practice, it does become easier.

#manifesting #friendship
Sarah Regan
November 11 2020