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Energy Reading For Feb 8–14, 2022: Motivation & Manifestation Are Strong

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February 8, 2022
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Each week, join author and energy healer Natasha Levinger as she reads the communal energy to predict what's in store for us in the days ahead.
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Since I started tuning into the energy of the week three years ago for my podcast, Magic Monday, I have noticed something magical about how the universe works. It may seem obvious, but the energies from week to week all tend to build upon each other.

If one week is all about making practical changes in our lives, that doesn't suddenly stop becoming important once the next week starts. It remains an essential building block.

Two weeks ago, we started receiving a lot of new ideas about how to improve and expand. Last week, they continued to come at us fast and furious. Looking ahead, we can expect new possibilities to continue to present themselves.

As they come, we'll need to tune in and start to notice what our heart is telling us about how to respond to them. What are the desires that you have been putting off? What do you want to put into the world, even if that world is your inner circle? These are the big questions to consider in the week ahead.

Energy reading for Feb 8-14, 2022: This week will bring a nice flow, but don't get caught in the current.

This week feels to me like one of those water rides where you're floating along and then it starts to get faster and faster, and then it goes up and down. It may go faster than you like at times, but eventually, it steadies back into a comfortable pace.

We have spent the last two weeks in the thick of the rapids. Now, this is a week to feel more in control of what's happening, how we respond, and what we manifest.

To use another metaphor, this is a week where we'll no longer feel like we're pushing a car uphill. Rather, we'll be driving smoothly and avoiding all the traffic. We might sometimes move a tad faster than we want to, but we're in the driver's seat, so we can choose to slow down if we want to. (More on that in a minute.)

If you haven't been liking how things have been going, the energy of this week can give you an assist and show you what isn't working so you can more easily move along and out of it.

Having a hard time deciding between two jobs? The one that isn't for you may quickly disappear or it may become crystal clear why you don't want it. Always bickering with Sue from HR? The underlying issue around why you find her so annoying may suddenly become clear, allowing you to have more compassion for her.

To make the most of this week's energy, it will be helpful to stay grounded. This way you can notice when opportunities show up and start to take advantage of them. And you won't get taken away by the current, feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. 

The message I'm getting loud and clear this week is to go with the flow by simply taking the right next step and not get too concerned about what it might look like five months or even five days from now. If the energy does feel too fast, your best action is to slow down and follow your gut. If you get an invitation to go somewhere and you're feeling rushed like you have to respond yesterday, slow down, take a breath, and check in about whether you really want to say yes. 

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Tools to try this week:


Write down your goals and pay attention to opportunities.

If you are working on manifesting something, write it down to help ground the energy. This can make it easier to notice any opportunities that come up in support of this goal—like getting asked to collaborate on a project or getting a phone call out of the blue from an old friend.


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Take your time.

Remember that you don't have to immediately agree to anything right away. The energy is still flowing fast this week, and it will probably feel pretty good! But if it's going too fast, take a breath, feel your feet on the ground, call your energy back to you, and give yourself the grace of feeling into what you truly want to do. You're allowed to take the time you need. 


Breathe in light.

My go-to tool: Breathe in light. You can't go wrong with this all-purpose energy tool. It's a great hack for clearing out what isn't yours and bringing in your highest good.

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Questions to ask:

  • What feels like the next right step for me in this moment?
  • How can I enjoy this fun energy flow more?
  • What makes me feel grounded?
  • What do I want to put out into the world?

The bottom line.

The energy this week is great for manifesting. If you are tuned into your intuition and going with the flow, you'll start to notice when you need to slow down and when all systems say go. 

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