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Why Astrologers Say We Have A Big Reason To Celebrate Until April

Clear skies ahead!

#astrology #energy #manifesting
Sarah Regan
January 19 2023

Why This Weekend's Special Moon Is Begging You To Release & Start Fresh

There's still plenty to release.

#energy #empowerment #manifesting #astrology
Sarah Regan
January 13 2023

39 Journaling Prompts To Help You Map Out 2023, From Therapists

Grab your favorite journal.

#empowerment #manifesting #mantras #affirmations
Sarah Regan
January 11 2023

This Easy Trick Will Make Your Vision Board Work 10x More Effectively

Your vision board is much more than an aesthetically pleasing item.

#mbgpodcast #manifesting #sleep
Hannah Frye
January 10 2023

I'm A Neuroscientist: This Is How To Achieve Your Goals By Changing Your Brain

New year, new brain?

#mbgpodcast #brain #confidence #manifesting
Jason Wachob
January 2 2023

6 Myths About Manifesting You Need To Stop Believing

A meditation teacher sets the record straight.

Kimberly Snyder
December 21 2022

Hitting A Slump In Your Manifestations? These 15 Crystals Can Help

Plus how to work with them.

#crystals #energy #manifesting
Sarah Regan
December 2 2022

The Trick To Being A Better Manifestor (And Helping Others Along The Way)

People often manifest more quickly and powerfully when they work with compassion as a central point of focus.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
December 2 2022

The 12 Laws Of Karma (& How They Can Actually Change Your Life)

What goes around comes around.

#energy #manifesting
Sarah Regan
September 27 2022

Jupiter Is Closer To Earth Than It's Been In Decades: What It Means For You

Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance.

#astrology #manifesting
Sarah Regan
September 26 2022

This Treehouse Home In The Clouds Is A Total Dream: Let's Take A Tour

Join writer and designer Kimberly Garner in her San Juan Islands escape.

#manifesting #holistic home tour
Emma Loewe
September 8 2022

I Was Working At An Unfulfilling Job — Here's How I Manifested My Dream Career

If you want it to be a certain way, if you want certain things, you can only count on yourself for that.

#Whole30 #manifesting #empowerment #Follow Her Lead
Sarah Regan
August 2 2022

How To Harness July's New Moon & Manifest Big Opportunities

How can you showcase your talents?

#astrology #new moon #manifesting
Sarah Regan
July 28 2022

The One Spiritual Tool You Need If You're Feeling Down On Your Luck

It's known to promote hopefulness.

#crystals #manifesting #energy
Sarah Regan
July 24 2022

Goals Feeling Out Of Reach? These 7 Manifestation Methods Can Really Help

Mindset is everything.

#manifesting #journaling #affirmations
Sarah Regan
July 20 2022

This Astrological Alignment Won't Happen Again For Another 18 Years

Time to start manifesting.

#astrology #manifesting
Sarah Regan
June 24 2022

Power Up For The Summer Solstice: 8 Solstice Rituals To Energize This Season

Magical potency is at peak intensity.

#manifesting #empowerment
Barbara Biziou
June 20 2022

Keep Seeing Cardinals Everywhere? Here's What It Can Mean For You

The bird brings many messages.

#energy #death #manifesting #chakras
Sarah Regan
June 1 2022

A Powerful Energy Portal Opens This Summer: 5 Ways To Prepare

It's a powerful time for manifesting.

#astrology #manifesting #numerology
Sarah Regan
May 17 2022

Manifestation Gets A Bad Rap: Allow Us To Explain What It Really Entails

We asked spirituality and psychology experts all of our burning questions about it.

#manifesting #energy
Sarah Regan
April 27 2022