Mandy Morris

mbg Contributor

Mandy Morris is an author, speaker and creator of the Authentic Program Series, an online course designed to help individuals remove fear-based living and replace it with fulfillment. With more than 400K Facebook followers, Morris has created a space for self-love and self-improvement—something she didn’t have herself growing up. She left the corporate world to follow her desire to connect more with others, and created her four-step program to remove fear and manifest the life you want.

Her debut book, Love...It’s How I Manifest, teaches her mission to alleviate pain and spread love frequency through her authenticity coaching and mindset programming. This book draws on her personal experiences and teaches others how to build the foundation of finding your truth and find happiness and excitement in life.

Currently, her certified coaches practice in the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, UK and the US. She has worked in Norway researching psychosomatic health issues (created by thoughts, not environmental factors) and how individuals brain patterns changed through her communicative therapy methodology, which focuses on getting to the root of a flawed belief to eliminate the symptomatic issues. She works with childhood programming, beliefs, trigger management, abusive relationships, the science of manifesting and the law of attraction. Morris currently resides in Laguna Beach, California with her husband and son.

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