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Look Out: This Ingredient May Add Sneaky Sugars To Your Baked Goods

Plus what you can do about it.

#sugar #Blood Sugar #dessert #holiday
Eliza Sullivan
December 15 2021

How Feng Shui Can Help You End The Year On An Oh-So-Joyful Note

These fun routines will also set you up for a magnetic 2022.

#feng shui #holiday
Dana Claudat
December 14 2021

How To Craft A Winter Wind-Down Ritual For Better Sleep & Happier Holiday Feels

Why is a winter nighttime routine even more important during the holidays?

#partner #drinks #sleep #holiday #supplements
Devon Barrow
December 2 2021
PAID CONTENT FOR Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods

4 Reasons To Add Hemp Hearts To Your Holistic Holiday Baking (And How To Do It)

As the edible heart inside of a hulled hemp seed, this superfood is packed with nutrition—most notoriously, protein.

#partner #holiday
Devon Barrow
December 2 2021

Healthy Planet, Healthy You: Climate News You Need To Know This Month

Welcome to mbg's new series exploring the links between climate and health.

#climate change #environmentalism #holiday #Healthy Planet, Healthy You
Emma Loewe
November 28 2021

4 Genius Ways To Use Thanksgiving Leftovers For Healthy Meals All Week

This leftovers pizza is a game-changer.

#holiday #environmentalism #functional nutrition
Eliza Sullivan
November 26 2021

Does Microwaving Sponges Actually Kill Any Germs? We Asked An Expert

Is your sponge smelling a bit funky?

#Green Cleaning #toxins at home #holiday
Sarah Regan
November 25 2021

The Best Way To Tackle Your Sink Full Of Thanksgiving Dishes

Even the cleanest of us all could use a few dishwashing tips.

#Green Cleaning #holiday
Sarah Regan
November 25 2021

5 Psychologist-Approved Habits To Keep Holiday Drama Out Of Your Relationship

When we focus on doing our best for others—showing a bright and upbeat face to the world even when we're stressed—our intimate relationships often...

#dating #marriage #stress #holiday
Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D.
November 24 2021

6 Thanksgiving Appetizers To Stave Off Hunger But Leave Room For Dinner

From simple bites to extravagant boards.

#snacks #holiday
Eliza Sullivan
November 24 2021

This MD's Flavorful Alternative To Stuffing Will Be A New Thanksgiving Favorite

Rice makes the perfect healthy swap.

#vegan #holiday #dinner #fiber

A Painless Guide To Clearing Out Your Fridge Before Thanksgiving

Make room for the turkey!

Sarah Regan
November 22 2021

Wondering What To Eat For Breakfast On Thanksgiving? Try These 4 Recipe Ideas

There's one thing you need to add to breakfast.

#mbgsupplements #breakfast #holiday
Eliza Sullivan
November 21 2021

This Little Tweak Makes Homemade Cranberry Sauce So Much Healthier

Skip the can this year.

#canned food #functional nutrition #holiday
Eliza Sullivan
November 20 2021

An Easy Way To Make This Year's Friendsgiving Even More Delightful

And why Friendsgiving is the perfect outdoor party.

#holiday #friendship #gratitude
Eliza Sullivan
November 18 2021

5 Ways To Really Bond With Your Partner This Holiday Season, From A Psychologist

'Tis the season for romance.

#dating #marriage #holiday
Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D.
November 16 2021

I'm A Functional MD & Here's How I Stay Healthy Over The Holidays

Fiber can be festive, too.

#holiday #fiber #protein #mbgsupplements #probiotics
Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.
November 16 2021

9 Expert-Backed Items To Ease The Winter Transition (Daylight Saving Is Ending)

Cold weather is on the way!

#journaling #holiday
Sarah Regan
November 3 2021

3 Lessons The Day Of The Dead Can Teach Us About Living

There's a gift that comes when we become familiar with impermanence.

#holiday #death
Natasha Deganello Giraudie
November 2 2021