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These 5 Nongreasy DIY Lotions Will Nourish Your Skin Silky Smooth

Whether you're in dire need of a butter-thick confection or a thin veil of moisture.

Jamie Schneider
January 26

3 Seamless Swaps For Coconut Oil + Exactly Where They Work Best

Ran out of coconut oil? Don't worry; these will do the trick.

Abby Moore
January 20

This Is The *Only* Ingredient Goldie Hawn Uses In Her One-Step Beauty Routine

It's the perfect ingredient for a one-step beauty regimen, we'd say.

Jamie Schneider
December 2 2020

Fairy Knots Sound Cute, But They're Very Annoying To All Curly Girls

The name may sound mythical, but "fairy knots" are very much real in the world of curly hair.

Alexandra Engler
September 26 2020

Do Natural Lubes Really Work? What To Consider + The Best Options To Try

Because it's important to know what is going on—and inside—of your body.

Abby Moore
July 30 2020