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Living Near Trees Can Decrease Your Dementia Risk By 14%, Study Finds

Bring on the trees.

#Healthy Planet, Healthy You #environmentalism #climate change #news
Emma Loewe
June 1

Here's How Investing In A FoodCycler Made My Kitchen 90% More Sustainable

We have a real chance to be a part of the solution.

#partner #climate change #environmentalism #Healthy Planet, Healthy You
Devon Barrow
May 19

We're Failing The Next Generation Of Docs If This Isn't Taught In Medical School

Inside medical schools' movement to get climate on the curriculum.

#environmentalism #asthma #climate change
Emma Loewe
April 22

3 Spring Cleaning Tips For A Greener, More Resilient Home

A climate scientist explains.

#environmentalism #climate change #Spring Cleaning

This Brand's Annual Goodness Report Is The Positivity We Needed Today

The call for a better world has never been louder, but where do we start?

#partner #climate change
Devon Barrow
December 19 2022

10 Amazing Gift Ideas That Also Support The Future Of Our Planet

Gifts that make people and the planet happy are exactly the kind of holiday magic we're after this year.

#partner #climate change
Ryan Brady
November 18 2022

Walking In Nature For Just One Hour Has This Surprising Brain Benefit

Plus, a celebratory climate action you can take this month.

#Healthy Planet, Healthy You #brain #environmentalism #climate change
Emma Loewe
October 6 2022

This Program Is Awarding Five Emerging BIPOC Leaders $20,000 Each To Address Climate Change

Tom's of Maine is introducing its first-ever Incubator initiative!

#partner #environmentalism #climate change
Devon Barrow
October 6 2022

4 Ways To Prevent Mold From Forming In Your Home After An Extreme Storm

Extreme weather events can majorly disrupt indoor air quality.

#environmentalism #climate change
Michael Rubino
October 2 2022

These Air Pollutants Affect 99% Of People — Here's How To Detoxify

When it comes to air pollution, our liver, lungs, and gut need some assistance.

#mbgsupplements #climate change #Antioxidant
Morgan Chamberlain
August 8 2022
PAID CONTENT FOR Columbia Sportswear

This Brand Set A Goal To Help Protect 1.7 Million Trees—Here's Why It's Important

For instance, 430 square miles of rain forest were chopped down in the Brazilian Amazon in January 2022 alone.

#partner #climate change #plants
Ryan Brady
June 13 2022
PAID CONTENT FOR Columbia Sportswear

3 Ways To Harness The Healing Power Of Nature — And How To Give Back In Return

As we enter into warmer months, we'd like to encourage our community to harness the healing power of nature by practicing wellness outdoors and giving...

#partner #hiking #climate change
Ryan Brady
May 2 2022

3 Small Ways You Can Show The Earth Some Love Today (& Every Day!)

In honor of Earth Day.

#mbgpodcast #climate change #Earth Day
Jason Wachob
April 22 2022

No, Green Beauty Is Not Synonymous With All-Natural — Here's Why

Synthetic is not a dirty word.

#climate change #The Change Moment #skin care #mbgpersonalcare
Jamie Schneider
April 21 2022

How To Count Your Carbon Footprint (Without Driving Yourself Crazy)

"By viewing the world in carbon, you're contemplating how your actions contribute to the planet we inhabit."

#The Change Moment #environmentalism #climate change #mbgsupplements
Alyssa Walker
April 14 2022

I'm A Nutrition PhD: This Is How I Eat For My Health & The Planet Daily

What we eat can benefit our own health and the environment in some really remarkable ways.

#The Change Moment #Nutrients #functional nutrition #climate change #mbgsupplements

I'm A Meteorologist & This Is How Climate Change Is Affecting Your Health

Here are the mental and physical threats I wish we'd talk about more.

#The Change Moment #environmentalism #climate change
Bonnie Schneider
April 4 2022

4 Ways To Help Your Body Clear Out Modern Toxins (Cause There's A Lot)

Are you actively supporting your body's detox systems?

#mbgsupplements #Antioxidant #toxins at home #climate change
Morgan Chamberlain
March 19 2022

If These Endangered Foods Go Extinct, Your Nutrition Could Suffer

Their absence could affect your nutrition goals.

#mbgpodcast #mbgsupplements #climate change #functional nutrition
Jason Wachob
January 28 2022

7 Ways To Make Less Trash (And Make New Friends Doing It) This Year

We can't solve the climate crisis alone, after all.

#environmentalism #climate change #friendship
Tara McKenna
January 18 2022