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I'm A Death Doula: How Death Makes Me View "Imperfections" Differently

Bodies tell our story.

#death #body positivity #joy
Alua Arthur
6 days ago

I'm A Neuroscientist: Why We Need To Talk About The Gender Gap In Youth Sports

A neuroscientist explains why this can be so damaging to brain health.

#brain #motherhood #body positivity

These 2 Mindset Shifts Have Transformed My Life For The Better

And they're super simple.

#stress #body positivity
Sarah Regan
December 18 2023

I'm An RD & Here's Why I Use Meditative Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Because food choices are often driven by our emotions.

#affirmations #body positivity
Ella Davar, R.D., CDN
October 14 2023

I'm A Psychologist: Here's How To Actually Quiet Intrusive Thoughts

Recurrent intrusive thoughts can spark a feeling of extreme sensory overload.

#anxiety #Guided Meditations #body positivity
Hannah Frye
July 19 2023

Why Weight Loss Can Be An Unhealthy Resolution + Goals To Aim For Instead

Because you're so much more than a number on the scale!

#metabolism #body positivity #Goals
Morgan Chamberlain
December 31 2022

3 Tips To Strengthen Your Natural Hunger Cues, From An MD

How do you know when your body is actually satiated? 

#mbgpodcast #body positivity #energy
Jason Wachob
September 8 2022

Keep This On Your Nightstand For Super-Steamy, More Confident Sex

Here's how to use it—tonight?

#stress #body positivity
Emma Loewe
July 1 2022

How Do You Respond When A Friend Talks Negatively About Their Body?

It's not a healthy conversation to engage with.

#friendship #toxic relationships #body positivity
Sarah Regan
June 30 2022

This Underrated Sex Accessory Is The Key To Increased Arousal & More Sensation

Every couple could use this on their bedside table, TBH.

#orgasm #body positivity
Farrah Daniel
June 28 2022

Sex Experts Share Their Best Tips For Taking A Great Nude With Confidence

"Nobody has to see the nude for the picture taking to have benefit. Taking a photo can be a powerful way to celebrate your body."

#libido #technology #body positivity
Gabrielle Kassel
June 17 2022

This Is The Secret To Deeper, More Intense Orgasms For Men

Ever heard of the "male G-spot"?

#orgasm #body positivity
Gabrielle Kassel
May 30 2022

Do You Know Your Sexual Personality Type? A Look Into The 5 Erotic Blueprints

Every person has one of five erotic blueprints.

#libido #orgasm #body positivity #empowerment
Jamie LeClaire
April 22 2022

OK So…What Actually Is Queefing? (Asking For A Friend!)

Bodies are funny! Nothing to be ashamed about.

#body positivity #orgasm
Farrah Daniel
March 20 2022

5 Powerful Changes To Make To Your Sex Life In 2022, From Sex Therapists

Because your pleasure is important.

#libido #orgasm #dating #marriage #body positivity
Kelly Gonsalves
January 3 2022

The Best Sex Advice We Heard In 2021, From Neuroscientists, Sexologists & More

"Sex is like going to the playground. It's the outing that counts, not whether you go down the slide."

#libido #orgasm #dating #marriage #body positivity
Kelly Gonsalves
December 27 2021

Are You In Touch With Your Sensuality? Let This Sexuality Doula Show You The Way

Sensuality is not the same as sexuality.

#body positivity #stress #journaling
Ev'Yan Whitney
December 12 2021

How To Transition From Dieting To Intuitive Eating: 4 Tips From An Expert

Everyone is unique—and the way you eat should be, too.

#Healthy Eating #body positivity
JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
December 5 2021

Just A Big List Of Popular Kinks & Fetishes, In Case You're Curious

Exhibitionism, praise kink, furries...oh my!

#libido #orgasm #body positivity
Kesiena Boom, M.S.
December 4 2021

A Sex Therapist's Guide To Falling In Love With Your Masturbation Practice

Masturbation is a glorious experience to get to know your own body, how it works, and to bring yourself pleasure.

#libido #orgasm #body positivity
Rachel Wright, LMFT
November 8 2021