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I'm A Sex Therapist & Here's How To Actually Feel Good About Your Body

This is inner work, not outer work.

#confidence #body positivity #libido
Rachel Wright, LMFT
August 24 2021

35 Extremely Hot Erogenous Zones You May Have Never Considered

From the inner thighs to the ears and beyond.

#libido #orgasm #body positivity
Kesiena Boom, M.S.
August 3 2021

From Butt Plugs To Vibrators, These Are 20 Of The Best Anal Toys To Buy


#libido #orgasm #body positivity #technology
Kesiena Boom, M.S.
July 4 2021

A Full Guide To Male Nipple Play, In Case You're Curious

Yes, some men get aroused by nipple play too.

#body positivity #libido
Kesiena Boom, M.S.
May 20 2021

The No. 1 Barrier To Good Sex For Women Over 50 — And How To Overcome It

Can you guess what it is?

#healthy aging #libido #body positivity #confidence
Tracey Cox
May 12 2021

Feel Like Getting Horny? Here Are 15 Surefire Ways To Turn Yourself On

You're welcome!

#libido #orgasm #body positivity
Alex Shea
April 25 2021

21 Women Explain What Sex Feels Like For Them, In Case You're Curious

"Orgasms give me a floating sensation with tingling on my skin and visual explosions of light exploding throughout my body."

#orgasm #libido #body positivity
Kesiena Boom, M.S.
April 24 2021

Are You Sexually Attracted To Yourself? You Might Be Autosexual

Do you ever get turned on checking yourself out?

#body positivity #feminism #empowerment #libido #confidence
Kesiena Boom, M.S.
April 14 2021

14 Signs You're Sexually Frustrated & How To Deal With It

Sexual frustration can happen whether you're single or in a relationship.

#libido #body positivity #dating #single life
Farrah Daniel
March 26 2021

7 Lessons From A Sex Therapist On How To Create Your Sexual Potential

The time is now for great sex!

#body positivity #confidence

A Psychologist's 3-Step Process For Releasing Shame & Embracing Yourself Fully

It's not possible to erase parts of your life—but it can be possible to embrace them.

#empowerment #journaling #body positivity
Risa Ryger, Ph.D.
March 16 2021

There Are 9 Boob Types: Here's What To Know About Each, From OB/GYNs

No two boobs are the same (even on the same body).

#cancer #body positivity #confidence
Abby Moore
March 15 2021

All Vaginas Are Different: Here Are 9 Different Ways It Can Look, From OB/GYNs

P.S. That's not your vagina.

#healthy period #confidence #body positivity
Abby Moore
March 5 2021

Do You Know The State Of Your Vagina's Microbiome? Here's Why It Matters

What's really going on in your vagina.

#microbiome #body positivity #Perimenopause #healthy period
Ina Park M.D., M.S.
February 8 2021

Pregnant Sex Is Totally Safe: Here Are 25 Doctor-Approved Positions & Tips

Who says the fun needs to stop once you have the bun in the oven?

#pregnancy #motherhood #libido #body positivity
Farrah Daniel
January 27 2021

What Is Auralism? 10 Ways To Explore This Sound-Based Fetish

Do certain sounds really turn you on?

#libido #body positivity
Taneasha White
January 20 2021

Feeling Weird About Your Body? Try This Sex Educator's Simple Solution

"I get to choose which messages that I internalize, and I get to create boundaries around the people, places, and things that take me out of my body."

#body positivity #confidence #technology
Kelly Gonsalves
January 19 2021