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How To Practice Self-Massage The Ayurvedic Way

Pretty sure you'll want to do this tonight.

Shiva Rose
April 5 2018

A Calming Ayurvedic Routine For Easing Anxiety & Living In The Present

There are three main elements you need to bring back into balance.

Sahara Rose
March 21 2018

This 3-Ingredient Ayurvedic Remedy Eliminates Bloat Instantly

You likely already have everything you need in your pantry.

Liz Moody
March 14 2018

How An Ayurvedic Diet Helped Heal My Gut & Balance My Hormones

I didn't want a quick fix or a Band-Aid solution. I wanted to get down to the root cause of the problem.

Sahara Rose
March 3 2018

These 6 Ingredients Make Up The Perfect Ayurvedic Drink

This is the perfect winter tonic to cozy up with!

January 30 2018

I Tried The Ayurvedic Cleanse Sweeping Social Media. Here's What Happened

It might be the most filling, satisfying detox around.

Liz Moody
January 23 2018

Eat For Your Dosha With These Ayurvedic Breakfast Ideas

Plus, some nourishing recipes to get you started.

Liz Moody
November 6 2017

8 Ayurvedic Self-Care Rituals That Promote Radiant Health

Better digestion, sleep, and immunity? Ayurveda might be the closest thing to a panacea we'll ever get.

Acharya Shunya
May 11 2017

Want Blissful Sleep? Make Sure You're Not Missing These 3 Things

Ayurveda teaches that lack of proper sleep not only puts us in poor mental states but also deteriorates our memory and hampers our focus and...

Fern Olivia
May 1 2017

5 Food & Beverage Trends You Need To Know About This Spring

From good old avocado to brand-new flower essences, we tapped some of our favorite wellness influencers for the food trends they are most excited for...

April 14 2017

The Ayurvedic Beauty Ritual Every Woman Needs To Try

This is one Ayurvedic beauty ritual we think everyone should know about.

Acharya Shunya
April 3 2017