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How To Read Your Lip Print Lines, From An Expert

Alexandra Engler
mbg Beauty Director By Alexandra Engler
mbg Beauty Director
Alexandra Engler is the Beauty Director. Previously she worked at Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, SELF, and Cosmopolitan; her byline has appeared in Esquire, Sports Illustrated, and
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Have you ever sealed a note with a kiss? You might have given away more than just your kind intentions and top layer of lipstick; you might have given away information about your personality and self. 

No, this isn't a DNA thing. We're talking about lipsology or "lip print reading." Think of it in the family of palm reading or tea reading: Much like you can visit various mystics to read your birth chart, palms, tea leaves, and tarot, you can read into your unique lip print. And, we should note, this isn't about lips themselves—it's literally about the print your lips make when you kiss a paper on any given day. Thus, your reading may be different at different times in your life, as the prints come out in unique ways to you: Some days your lip imprint may appear stronger, others more open, and so on. Each lip print is individual to you, and should be viewed as such.

We're here to give you all the info—plus, how to try it at home.

What is lipsology?

Lip print reading—or, lipsology—is a way to interpret and glean traits from the lipstick stain that happens when you kiss a white sheet of paper. It's based on your lip print's size, lines, fullness, and so on. "What a certified lipsologist does is interpret lip prints, which can tell personality traits, energy levels, emotions, and so on," notes certified lipsologist Ariana Lightningstorm.

For your most accurate reading, you'll likely need to visit a professional, as there are a lot of variables to look into. "There's a lot to know," says Lightningstorm. "If you've ever looked into learning palmistry or astrology, you'll understand that there's a great deal to learn, and we are still learning about all the possibilities with lip prints since this is a fairly new system."

However, there are a few general guidelines that you can look into if you want to do it yourself, which we've outlined here. However, we must note, this is not a full reading with all the various signs and characteristics someone might have—consider this your beginner guide. 

So the first step, of course, is to print your lip: Swipe on your favorite lipstick, kiss a piece of paper, and your reading awaits. 


Lip print shape meanings.

lip print reading triangle v round

Image by mbg creative

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Triangle: Think of a triangle, with its sharper edges, more pronounced bottom, and pointer top. "If a person makes a triangle shape with their print it means that they are someone who helps others to succeed," says Lightningstorm. "They recognize people's skills and abilities and can help those people recognize those skills in themselves. I see this in good teachers, coaches, counselors, and so on. People who, from a strong base, send folks in the right direction."

Round: Round lips are full all around, without the top or bottom being more pronounced, "If someone has a round lip print, it means that they are what I call a peacekeeper—someone who doesn't like arguments (unless they started them) and someone who likes things to go smoothly," says Lightningstorm. "They tend to be the peacekeeper in their group or community because of wanting things to go smoothly and well. They will also be the person who tries to understand your point of view." 

Lip print strength meanings.

lip print reading thick v pale

Image by mindbodygreen creative

Thick: When you kiss a piece of paper, how much lipstick is imparted on the paper? "If the color of the print is really strong, it means the person has lots of energy," she says. 

Pale: "If it's really pale it means the person is tired or has run out of energy," she says. Consider taking a personal day for a recharge. 


Lip print opening meanings.

lip print reading open v close

Image by mindbodygreen creative

Open: Do the top and bottom lip print touch at all? If not, it's considered open. "If the print is open all the way through, the person is always thinking about their next project and their mind is always working on something," says Lightningstorm. "Creativity is a strength—but watch out for restlessness." 

Closed: "If the print is completely closed, the person does not like to change their mind once they have decided about something," she says. 

Lip lines meanings.

lip print reading lip lines

Image by mindbodygreen

Stress lines: Lines are pronounced gaps in the print. Stress lines start from the inner lip, going out. They can indicate you are currently dealing with something stressful right now. If they are on your top lip, it's a stressor you can't control; a bottom lip stress line is something you can. 

Spirit lines: These lines, on the other hand, start on the outside and go in on your upper lip. They mean that you are a spiritual person, attract spirits around you, or even have a close relationship with the other side. 

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Other characteristics:

  • Thin upper lip: A picky personality
  • Thin bottom line: Frugal
  • Full upper lip: Active listener
  • Full bottom line: Generous toward others  
  • V indentation on the bottom lip: Romantic
  • Uneven and wavy outline: Artistic 

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