The One Holy Grail Ingredient Goldie Hawn Uses In Her No-Fuss Beauty Routine

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mbg Associate Editor
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This Is The *Only* Ingredient Goldie Hawn Uses In Her One-Step Beauty Routine

Goldie Hawn has her morning routine down to a science. The actress, producer, and founder of MindUp—the signature program of The Goldie Hawn Foundation—wakes up at seven o'clock sharp, repeats affirmations first thing the a.m., and takes some deep, energizing belly breaths—especially if she's feeling groggy. But when it comes to her beauty routine? Well, she likes to keep things simple. "I don't do much," she tells the Wall Street Journal Magazine. Although, she does mention one ingredient she's kept up with, one that's been around for centuries. 

Apparently, Hawn is a stickler for coconut oil. The perfect ingredient for a one-step beauty regimen, we'd say. 

Why coconut oil is perfect for a one-step routine.

If you're going to select one ingredient to use in a minimal, Hawn-esque beauty routine, coconut oil is a great headliner. That's because this confection can do it all: Not only can you use it to cleanse your face and remove makeup, but it also makes a wonderful face mask, moisturizer, even lip balm. Its rich fatty-acid content has been shown to help increase moisture levels in the skin, as well as improve skin barrier function and boost collagen production. All that to say, you get tons of benefits with just one glob. 

We should note that coconut oil doesn't work for everyone—it's comedogenic, so those with acne-prone skin may want to steer clear—but for drier skin types, it's nothing short of sublime. We suggest always using an unrefined (aka virgin), organic coconut oil, so it's able to retain all the famed antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

From there, the choice is yours about how you slather it on: With just a glimpse into Hawn's routine, we're still unsure how she uses the thick oil to her advantage (does she let it seep into her skin overnight? Wash it off as a cleanser?), but we can assume it's one of these five ways. Regardless, it's a worthwhile ingredient to rely on. Even Hawn's daughter, Kate Hudson, has sworn by the prized oil in the past (something she learned from Mom, maybe?). 


The takeaway.

Hawn's beauty routine may be minimal, but her product of choice does pack quite a punch. If you're looking to pare back your regimen a la Hawn, perhaps look for a star, multi-use ingredient like coconut oil. After all, there's a reason it's been a beauty staple for centuries.

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