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DIY: 9 All-Natural Beauty Products

Dr. Pragati Gusmano
July 17, 2014
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July 17, 2014

We live in a world where we are immensely pressured to keep up appearances. Unfortunately, we're also at the mercy of a self-regulated cosmetics industry that forces many of us to be exposed to vast quantities of chemicals over the course of a lifetime.

Save yourself and your beauty routine by adding in these natural beauty hacks — they not only make you look and feel good, but they’re good for you.

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1. Coconut oil makeup remover

Coconut oil is a natural and nourishing way to remove stubborn eye makeup. Use your fingers to apply to your eyelid and under your eye, then remove with a cotton ball or makeup cloth. This versatile superfood works well on waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

2. Shimmering moisturizer

There's nothing sexier than shimmery summer skin. You can get beautiful dewy skin by putting almond oil in a spray bottle and adding crushed or powdered mineral eye shadow. Use a pigmented shadow for a bronze glow, and go with a lighter shadow for a shimmering sparkle. Give the bottle a shake and apply for a dual effect: moisture and shimmer.

3. Cuticle conditioner

If your cuticles are in need of some love, apply olive oil to your nail beds and let it soak in for 10 minutes. Follow each application with a rinse and do this daily for a month. The intense moisture will revive your cuticles.

4. Antioxidant facial spritzer

Wake up your tired face with a soothing and refreshing peppermint green tea facial spritzer. Brew a cup of peppermint green tea, steep for 10 minutes, and allow it to cool. Once it’s cool, bottle it up in a spray bottle and leave it in your refrigerator. When you need a refreshing pick me up, give your face a spritz.

5. Face and body scrub

Use ground coffee, oats or almonds mixed with olive or coconut oil to make an effective and environmentally safe face or body scrub (microbeads are just bad news). You can grind your ingredients in a coffee grinder or blender, mix with your favorite oil and store them in a Mason jar for safekeeping.

6. Deep conditioner

Condition your tired tresses by blending ½ an avocado with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil. Use a hand blender to whip up your conditioner and apply to damp hair. You can activate the conditioner by using a blow dryer on low heat for 1-2 minutes. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes, then wash and condition your hair as normal.

7. Natural sunblock

Coconut oil has a natural SPF of approximately 7. Combining it with a physical sun block like powdered zinc oxide can give you full spectrum sun protection and minimize your exposure to the toxic chemicals found in conventional sunscreen.

8. Peppermint foot spray

Tired feet can be instantly refreshed with a spritz of peppermint. Mix 3 tablespoons each of aloe vera gel and witch hazel with 5 drops of peppermint essential oil. Store in a dark colored spray bottle and mist on your feet as needed. You can use this to freshen up shoes, too!

9. Tub tea

Nothing is quite as revitalizing as a pampering bath. Reach complete Zen by adding 3 chamomile tea bags and 5 drops of your favorite essential oil to your next bath. Chamomile is a nervine which can help melt away stress and lull you into a soothing sleep.

Be beautiful, naturally.

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Dr. Pragati Gusmano
Dr. Pragati Gusmano

Dr. Pragati Gusmano is a Naturopathic Doctor and an expert on natural health and holistic medicine. She believes that living a simple, happy and healthy life is the best medicine. She is the author of Simple Medicine, where you'll find delicious and nutritious ways to eat, beauty DIYs, and simple ways to be happy and healthy, naturally. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.