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An Anti-Inflammatory Aloe Vera Smoothie To Help You Detox

Shannon Vaughn
Written by Shannon Vaughn

Don't be intimidated by this spiny, gigantic, prehistoric-looking leaf that seems more at home in the dry desert than on your supermarket shelf. Go ahead — put it in your cart and reap the full benefits of Mother Nature's anti-ager!

Ingesting the natural, clear interior gel of the Aloe vera leaf can increase the body's natural collagen production and has miraculous anti-inflammatory and toxin elimination abilities. The gel of the Aloe vera leaf cleans from the inside out and beautifies the skin, leaving you radiant.

Aloe works to help expel toxics from the colon, leaving you clean and refreshed on the inside, with visible rejuvenation on the outside. Because of its high mineral content, amino acids and vitamins, Aloe vera a natural anti-inflammatory food. It's a wonderful aid for digestion and can expel unwanted toxins built up in the system. It aids with elimination and constipation, and provides a daily detox effect when taken regularly.

The easiest way to incorporate Aloe vera into your diet is to add it to a morning smoothie. It's best when eaten fresh, so look for the large leaves in your local health food market and store it in the fridge. Make sure the ends of the leaves are either white and fresh looking or have naturally sealed after cutting (this is to maintain freshness). Stay away from leaves that have been cut and shipped, and those that have turned brown on the ends.

Here's my favorite easy and delicious aloe smoothie for internal detoxification and external beautification.

Aloe Vera Beauty Detox Smoothie

You'll need a cutting board, knife, and glass dish. If you have any leftover leaves, you can wrap the ends in plastic wrap or a damp dish towel to preserve freshness and store in the fridge. Drinking two servings of this smoothie every day is sure to revitalize your system, restore energy and have your skin looking bright and vibrant.


  • 1 aloe vera leaf
  • 1 cup filtered or spring water
  • 1 cut fresh pineapple chunks
  • 2-3 drops stevia liquid (optional)


Working with one leaf at a time, skim off the spikes on both sides of the leaf, then cut in half width-wise. Working with one half at a time, cut the top part of the skin off (you'll be able to see the gel inside). Turn the leaf over and take off the other side of the green leaf, leaving on the gel intact.

Cut the gel into large chunks, then blend with the remaining ingredients until smooth. Drink immediately on an empty stomach in the morning and afternoon, at least one hour before eating anything else.

If you'd like to prep multiple aloe leaves at once, simply place extra cubed aloe in a sealed glass container and store in the fridge for the next day's smoothie. Fresh Aloe vera will remain fresh in the fridge for about a week.

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