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8 Daily Practices Designed To Invite More Cash: A Holistic Money Expert Explains

Leanne Jacobs, MBA
mbg Contributor By Leanne Jacobs, MBA
mbg Contributor
Leanne Jacobs, MBA, is a clinical nutritionist, pilates and yoga instructor, holistic wealth expert, and author of Beautiful Money.
8 Daily Practices Designed To Invite More Cash: A Holistic Money Expert Explains

​Money Mondays is a series focused on the intersection of finances and well-being. We believe money is one of the last taboos in the wellness world: Why is it that we can talk about our sex lives and not our salaries? With an underlying drive to empower, we’re aiming to address all your burning questions about making money (and making more), saving it, spending it, but most of all how to use it to power the life of your dreams.

In my early 20s, I became slightly obsessed with my weight. I was a competitive athlete who avoided emotional processing with a good sweaty cardio workout. Putting my career first and my feelings last wasn't hard to do when I had carbs and cardio to keep me busy. The philosophy did, however, start to lose its effectiveness as I approached my 30s. Don't get me wrong, I loved my workouts and my sport but I will confess I was worried that if I slowed down my fitness regime, the pounds would pack on. My 20s were spent too heavily focused and attached to my physical weight.

Let's face it: Who hasn't gone through a similar experience at some point in their life? My point is that it really has nothing to do with the weight; it's what’s behind the weight. I discovered that the excess heaviness I was carrying wasn't even physical—it was emotional fat. Lying deep inside my soul was a craving to feel light, free, and true.

Physical body aside, one of my mentors once taught me that waste is weight. Consider for a moment that the feeling of heaviness within the body as waste. Any waste within the body that doesn't serve us or do us good will weigh us down in life. This energetic heaviness includes physical, emotional, and psychic weight. This was a big mouthful for me to swallow at first so I took baby steps and started by cleaning up my diet.

We all have responsibilities but don't get lost in them. Go with your gut and do the thing that gives you butterflies.

I found that dealing with my physical world first would be the best place to start. My journey started by shedding physical waste from my life (processed food, Diet Coke, dead food) and evolved to shedding emotional and mental weight from my cells. This specific journey isn't for everyone, but it is the only path to truth and to deep peace for me.

On a financial note, this philosophy and practice can also be applied to your money. I like to call this financial journey Beautiful Money. The lighter your vibe and your being, the more you will channel inspiration and creative flow. If you can get really great at shedding the hidden weight in your life, you find yourself feeling inspired, creative, and abundant. What does this mean? You will find that money can make its way to you with much greater ease and you will be much more mindful with your money.

Here are a few ways I started to lighten my physical, mental, and emotional load:


I focused more on my vibe than my vanity.

This one still trips me up! I'm a lover of fashion, pretty hair, and Instagram, so I have to make sure I stay grounded and aligned. I'm a huge believer that feeling beautiful is powerful but shouldn't be a top priority if the inside is a hot mess. The great news is that when you focus more on your internal well-being and happiness, you naturally look and feel gorgeous!

I have a daily practice that expands my aura.

Anything that makes me feel healthy, radiant, and clear is part of my day. I am constantly evolving and so is my practice, but my constants include water, green juice, supplements, kindness, inner peace, community, yoga, meditation, and authenticity.

I journal what is weighing me down in my life (regularly).

Getting heavy thoughts out of the mind and body does wonders for your soul. Make a practice of using journaling to support your transition through challenging thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. You will feel lighter instantly.


I consistently shed mental weight.

When I think negative and heavy thoughts, I feel heavy in my body. I make it a habit to build my mental muscles and my ability to transition out of negative thinking quickly. Meditation is a great way to get really great at this because it trains you on detaching from thought.

I forgive always.

Holding on to anger, resentment, and hatred is the surest way to be weighted down like a brick in your life. Forgiveness is the surest way to deep peace and great abundance. Some situations take me a little longer to forgive and let go of but I always get there. My word of advice is to forgive as quickly as you can so it doesn't cost you the precious life force and time you have been gifted.


I practice living daily in my greatest truth.

I am at a place in my life when if I am not completely true and in integrity, I feel nauseous. I consider this a great gift. My body is physically incapable of living a lie. It doesn't mean I don't fall and make mistakes, but I embrace who I am and don't live to please others. It's more important to me to be real than to be liked.

I believe we will all evolve past a life of people-pleasing and yes-addiction. Eventually the pursuit for perfection will exhaust us and we will surrender. Once we do surrender, we will be confused by what took us so long. Remember not to attach to being hard on yourself for being a perfectionist for too long. Don't replace one addiction with another.

Follow your bliss.

What you put your heart and soul into will lead you to your destiny. We all have responsibilities but don't get lost in them. Go with your gut and do the thing that gives you butterflies.


In order to manifest, believe it before you see it.

This is an easy one to get mentally but a tough one to practice. You will understand how difficult it is the next time you are negative about anything you want but hasn't manifested yet. Perhaps you desire a lighter body or a healthier bank account. The only way to make this happen using alignment is to act as if you already have it. This is universal truth and it's just the way it is. Whatever you truly desire, you must believe it with every cell in your body before it will physically appear in your life. If you want to stop needing to use your bank overdraft protection, get rid of it. Take action as if you don't need it and watch magic happen.

Simmer down to slimmer down.

As I get better and better at having more space in my calendar than I do appointments, I rekindle my true connection with myself and the world around me. This process takes much patience, but I am enjoying the ride and the lessons. Who knew there was peace and calm inside of me! I used to be really great at faking peace and calm on the outside while being a hot mess on the inside. I am happy to say that I have simmered down. The better I get, the healthier my body gets. Isn't that interesting! When I speak about slimming down, I speak symbolically and literally. The process reaches far beyond physical pounds. It is about living light and conscious. Simplicity is truly the secret to lightness.

My practice each day is to focus more on my vibe than on my money. I do this by creating lightness in my daily life. As a result, I have a respectful and mindful relationship with myself and my money (most of the time!).

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