The Out-There Yoga Trend That Gives Kate Hudson & Alicia Keys Their Glow

Former mbg Deputy Editor By Elizabeth Inglese
Former mbg Deputy Editor
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Who do Kate Hudson, Alicia Keys, Amanda Chantal Bacon, and Kelly Rutherford turn to for a spiritual supercharge? Guru Jagat, the teacher spearheading the modern Kundalini movement. While the yoga variant was once relegated to the fringes of the New Age community, with its turbans, white dress code, and chanting, Jagat is remaking Kundalini for a millennial era. RA MA TV, the Netflix of Kundalini yoga, offers students anywhere the instant gratification of a session with Jagat.

Kundalini is having a moment, largely due to Jagat's rebranding, but perhaps partly because of the prescriptive nature of the practice--there are meditations specifically for addiction, beauty, anxiety, to be performed a certain number of times with specific gestures. It's popular for the same reason personalized wellness is soaring.

"I have had the pleasure of practicing with Guru Jagat, and Kundalini has been one of my favorite forms of meditation and yoga practice," Hudson told People magazine. "Guru Jagat has a beautiful way of bringing a youthful and accessible approach to an ancient practice and her mission to bring more people into this movement of reaching a collective higher consciousness."

Rutherford feels Jagat's practice helps her weather life's challenges. "The meditation, breathing, and focus help to calm," she told People magazine. "The practice builds trust with yourself and attunes you to a feeling of love, forgiveness, and compassion."

As for Keys, the singer says that since practicing with Jagat, "Every part of me has become awakened. I am in a place I always wanted to be but could never quite figure out the way."

Want more of Guru Jagat? She shared her seven favorite facts about Kundalini yoga with mbg.

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