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Clear Your Home Of Negative Energy With This Quick Ritual

Wala’a Al Muhaiteeb
Written by Wala’a Al Muhaiteeb
Clear Your Home Of Negative Energy With This Quick Ritual

The energy in our home is vitally important to our well-being. Just like our bodies, our homes can pick up heavy, negative emotions. You know that your space has a low vibration when you feel heavy and unable to relax the second you walk in the door.

You can use various visualization techniques such as burning herbs to cleanse this energy and get rid of what no longer serves you.

How does a home pick up negative energy?

A home can pick up energies from many things, including arguments and useless clutter. It is important to clear home energies after a breakup, job transition, or any other major life event.


What are the benefits of a home cleanse?

After an energy cleanse, your home will feel refreshed, calming, and loving. Energy clearing can help you fall asleep easier and feel more centered. It's a great message to the universe that you are ready to welcome abundance and love into your life. Many people also report new opportunities and beautiful moments as soon as they finish the clearing process.

Negative energy takes up space, and letting go of it paves the way for new things to come in.

A simple rainbow home cleanse:

1. Pick an herb that speaks to you and the energy you want to invite into your space. Then, turn it into a smudge stick.

  • Lavender: for balance, peace, and relaxation
  • Cedar: for purifying, healing, and attracting positive energy
  • Rosemary: for bringing clarity to challenges and attracting love
  • White Sage: for inviting transformation

2. Making sure all your windows are closed, light the smudge stick. Close your eyes and set an intention of letting go of what no longer serves your highest good.

3. Carry this positivity into every room in your home, making sure to take your time around corners, electronics, and bathrooms. Enjoy the process and feel it in your heart when you're done with each room.

4. Put out the smudge stick. Close the windows and pick up a large glass of salt water. Go around the house to pick up any lingering negative energy.

5. Flush the water down the toilet to indicate that you want the low energies gone.

6. Sit in the center of your home or your meditation space and visualize the center of the earth pumping red light into your home—from the floor to the ceiling. Then, picture this light shifting from red to orange to yellow to green to sky blue to indigo, then finally to violet.

7. Let the violet turn into a violet flame that will burn away what no longer serves you.

8. Take a few deep breaths and light a white candle. Let its flame spread your beautiful intentions for your home.

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