Check Out These Redesigned Book Covers Of Our Favorite Classics

Whether you were getting into mischief outside Boo Radley's house, dancing at one of Mr. Gatsby's elegant affairs, or traveling down the Mississippi with Huck and Jim, you probably got lost in at least one classic novel during your years as a school kid.

The artists over at the Creative Action Network (CAN) are working to make sure that students of today have the opportunity to get wrapped up in literature, too.

Covers are a reader's first taste of a book, and a lot of the imagery on beloved novels are, well, dated. CAN's Recovering the Classics campaign invites illustrators and designers around the world to create new, eye-catching covers for 100 of the greatest books of all time.

"We believe there are a lot of important causes that need better art, and there are just as many artists hungry for the chance to use their skills toward something they care about," says CAN co-founder Aaron Perry-Zucker. "We hope to invite a new generation of readers to pick up books they may not have considered before."

They've partnered with the Digital Public Library of America to mass produce some of the covers and bring them to libraries and schools nationwide. They're also selling certain designs in the form of posters, T-shirts, and other fun products.

"We hope to give artists a place to share their love of their favorites with a huge audience," Perry-Zucker says.

Take a look at some of the campaign's creative designs and the artists who imagined them. And go get lost in a great book today!

Photo courtesy of Creative Action Network

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Jon Cain

Don Quixote, Wedha Abdul Rasyid

The Jungle Book, Roberto Lanznaster

The Metamorphosis, J.R.J. Sweeney

The Scarlet Letter, Mr. Furious

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, Christopher Williams

Moby Dick, Candy Medusa

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Nathan Rackley

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Roberto Lanznaster

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Natalia Rodriguez

Photo courtesy of CAN/ Recovering The Classics

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