10 Reasons To Skip The Gym & Workout At Home

Written by Dawn Hafner

We all know working out will make us healthier, stronger, have less stress, more energy, and live longer.

So then why is it so hard for us to stick to a program and go to the gym with consistency?

I used to be a diehard gym dweller, but over the years, I have found working out at home to be far more effective.

Here are 10 great reasons to rethink paying tons of money to join a gym, and workout at home instead:

1. You can wear whatever you want.

You can workout in your pajama pants, sip coffee, and wear your glasses.

No one is there to even see what you’re wearing, and you can save yourself the painful experience of shopping for spandex – a definite plus!

2. You can listen to your music out LOUD.

You can listen to your kind of music as loud as you wish. You don’t have to wear the earbuds that keep falling out.

You don’t have to listen to other people’s music that you hate. You can watch TV or follow the workout video of your choice. You can even listen to a book to catch up on some reading.

3. You really don’t need all that fancy equipment anyway.

There are bodyweight workouts that are challenging and will get you in shape. If you do want some gear, you don’t need a full gym with every imaginable contraption.

A bench and some hand weights that go up in several weight levels is plenty. From there maybe add some free weight plates with a lifting bar.

4. You can practice your killer dance moves.

During your rest periods, you can jam out to your tunes, and even practice the new line dance, hip hop or two step.

Dance away! Fitness is about whole body health that connects to your spirt, and what better way to express that than through dance?

5. You can watch your muscles working.

Making the mind-muscle connection is the most effective way to get the most from your workout. You can make that connection better the more of your body you can actually see. I would never bare my tummy at the gym, but at home, you bet I do.

I can see it working and it helps me focus on movements and engaging the muscles properly.

6. You can have a private moment

When we are going through a difficult time in life, working out can tend to stir up hormones and emotions all at the same time. This creates some very cleansing, but personal, emotional moments.

You can’t do that in public. But you most certainly can let the waves of emotion wash over you at home.

Cry away if it hits you. It’s just fine to let yourself feel how difficult life is at this moment and let it go.

7. You'll be forced to educate yourself about fitness.

Working out with limited equipment means you have to get creative, and for that you have to get educated. Spending time getting educated means you are even more invested in your workout time. Scope out the best websites for your fitness routines!

8. You can workout in shifts.

Working out at home lets you break up the day if you need to.

If you have small children, thirty minutes of uninterrupted time may be a luxury you never have.

But three, 10-minute segments broken up during your morning is achievable when you work out at home. I had to do this often when my boys were small. A little annoying, but better than nothing.

9. It's easy to tack on a meditation.

Good luck trying to find your Zen and meditate at the gym. But at home, doing a short meditation right after your workout is the perfect time.

No one is there to interrupt you, gawk at you, or judge you.

10. Fitness happens in the kitchen, anyway

Most of us would be better off investing more thought, planning and time into what we put into our bodies instead of how we move our bodies.

Our fitness is eighty percentage attributed to what we eat. So why not invest our hard earned dollars and time where it matters more – in the kitchen?

Bottom line: do what feels right for you.

Whatever you choose, what’s most important is honoring the one body you were given to live in and explore in.

We don’t find time to take care of ourselves, we make it!

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