How Lunches Are Made In French Elementary Schools

Written by Rebeca Plantier

In French elementary schools, lunch is prepared onsite and with fresh ingredients. Here are photos that depict what a "homemade" meal for lunch can look like.

A broad look at the kitchen.

It's equipped to prepare fresh food, not just heat up frozen dishes.
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A chef cooks cauliflower.

Leeks cook on the stovetop.

A chef cooks vegetables.
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A chef finishes fish preparation in the oven.

A chef seasons the vegetables.

A fresh bread delivery arrives each morning.

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The potatoes are mashed.

Dessert is fresh peaches.

The finished meal is ready to eat.

Students use real silverware and drink from glass cups.
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Students eat in groups of four.

The student sitting in the red chair is the only one who can get up to fetch more water or fresh bread.

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